Here are 7 things you missed at Comic Con 2017

As usual, San Diego Comic Con gave more news than any one person could possibly follow. In between the high-profile trailers for Justice League, Stranger Things and Star Trek: Discovery , and the exciting proof of Wonder Woman 2 , we’ve compiled some of the updates you may have missed.

Stargate is getting a prequel miniseries

The Stargate movie reboot is dead in the water, but the Tv franchiselives on. MGM announced a 10 -episode” premium digital serial ,” airing alone onthe online streaming service Stargate Command.

Stargate: Sources sounds like a refreshing shatter from the military forces escapade themes of the previous shows.It follows Catherine Langford, daughter of the archaeologist who discovered the Stargate in 1928. She was basicallythe mother of the Stargate program, and her backstoryis a perfect fit for an Agent Carter -style historical sci-fi/ fantasy show. To jog your remembrance, the teaser depicts her first appearance in the original Stargate movie.

The show is slated to begin production in August, and MGM has shared a basic story summing-up:” Young Catherine start on an unexpected escapade to unlock the whodunit of what lies beyond the Stargate in order to save Earth from unimaginable darkness .”

DC is trolling Marvel with Fantastic Four ripoff comic

Marvel set the Fantastic Four on the backburner last year, mothballing the team and canceling their comic. If you buy into the conspiracy hypothesis, they want to prioritizecharacters whose movie privileges still belong to Marvel Studios. Hence why the Inhumansnow have such a important role in the comics.

This obviously harassed Fantastic Four fans, and DC Comic decided to capitalize on the publicity.They’ve announced a new comic called The Terrifics , written by Jeff Lemire and depicted by Ivan Reis, featuring redesigned DC heroes from Evan’ Doc’ Shaner.

The newteam consists of Mr. Terrific, Metamorpho, Phantom Girl, and Plastic Man, a squad whose influences bear a startling similarity to the Fantastic Four. An entertainingly underhanded volley in the longstanding DC/ Marvel rivalry.

The trailer for the Doctor Who Christmas special

The upcoming Christmas special is likely to be Peter Capaldi‘s last-place occurrence as the Doctor, paving the space for Jodie Whittaker next season. Paying tribute to the show’s 50 -year legacy, the episode watches the Twelfth Doctor meet up with his first incarnation, played by Game of Thrones actor David Bradley.

The Christmas special will be comprised of Bill Potts, entailing we’ll hopefully get a decent conclusion to her dissatisfying ending in the season finale.

Iron Fist will returnfor a second season

Good news for the four or five people who enjoyed Iron Fist ; bad newsforMarvel fans who hoped Netflix would prioritize something( anything !) else.< em> Iron Fist will return with Luke Cage ‘sMisty Knight as a main character, potentially leading to a Misty/ Iron Fist intrigue like in the comics.

Scott Buck is out as showrunner, presumably because he’s busy with Inhumans .( Which, incidentally, payed a rare negative reaction at its Comic Con screening .) The new showrunner is Raven Metzner, formerly of Sleepy Hollow . Yes, that’s the same Sleepy Hollow that killed off its black female lead, promptly alienating the show’s ownfanbase. Good luck ,< em> Iron Fist !

Pacific Rim 2 has a teaser trailer

This isn’t a full trailer, but it’s still pretty exciting because it has John Boyega in it. John Boyega!

Timothy Zahn’s new Thrawn fiction is get its own comic.

Thrawn is a strong challenger for the most popular Star Wars character who never appears in the movies.Created by Timothy Zahn for a series of spinoff novels in the’ 90 s, the blue-skinned Imperial commander was briefly deleted from canon when Star Wars dropped the old-fashioned expanded universe. Fortunately, Thrawn returned to canon this year, in a brand-new novel titled simply Thrawn . This journal will receive a Marvel Comics adjustment, starting in February 2018.

Legion ‘ s showrunner is working on a Doctor Doom movie

At the Legion panel, showrunner Noah Hawleydropped an fascinating intimateabout his next project. Apparently, he’s working on something about Doctor Doom at Fox. This couldbea Doctor Doom solo movie, or it has the potential to entail another Fantastic Four reboot. Either path, it’s exciting report for one of Marvel’s better supervillains, whoreceived disappointing care from Hollywood in the past.

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