Shoreham pilot: ‘Aviation fuel runs through his veins’

March 24, 2019

When the 1950 s Hawker Hunter struck queuing traffic on 22 August 2015, it became the most severe breath reveal accident in Britain since 31 people lost their lives at Farnborough in 1952. For Mr Hill, who miraculously escaped with his life after being thrown from the cockpit, it was a nighttime chapter in a decades-long love affair with flying. “He has aviation fuel leading through his veins, ” said…


Heres Every Way Venuss Shift To Aquarius Will Impact Your Zodiacs Love Life

March 20, 2019

Venus will be in Aquarius on March 1st making us to proceed from commitment-oriented Capricorn energy to a more hang-loose atmosphere in our adoration lives. So, what does that intend? We will have a month that is filled with unconventional date vibes that gets us out of our old routines in our love life. Aquarian energy is all about stimulating contacts and revolutionizing your life, so you are living with…


Netflix cancels Jessica Jones and The Punisher, its last Marvel shows

March 12, 2019

Netflix is no longer in the Marvel superhero business, with the cancellation of “Jessica Jones” and” The Punisher .” The writing has been on the wall since last fall, when the streaming service canceled its other three Marvel presents –” Iron Fist ,”” Luke Cage” and “Daredevil.” Plus, showrunner Melissa Rosenberg was already announced to leave “Jessica Jones” after the upcoming third season. There have been conflicting reports about which…


Bluebird: ‘Lock it away and interest will wane’

March 2, 2019

On 4 January 1967, Campbell had propelled the machine to its required limits in an attempt to smash-up through the 300 mph( 480 km/ h) barrier. Unable to seized it back under control, his hydroplane violently lifted from the lake’s surface before smashing down with ferocious, frightening force. Its pilot, perhaps the last from an era of great British adventurers, paid the ultimate price. Those final, foreboding times, captured in…


Netflix just canceled ‘Jessica Jones’ and ‘The Punisher’

February 26, 2019

It’s over . Image: Marvel Marvel’s The Punisher and Jessica Jones are getting axed. Don’t freak out, Jessica Jones devotees — the third season of the depict will still be streamed. But the relations between Netflix and Marvel looks like it’s over. The two struck a deal in 2013 that involved four serial based on Marvel attributes, as well as The Defenders . SEE ALSO: ‘Punisher’ deserves this much than…


Hulu greenlights Howard the Duck and three other animated Marvel shows

February 14, 2019

Four new enlivened Marvel serial, plus a crossover special, are coming to Hulu. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Hulu has greenlit “MODOK,” ” Hit-Monkey ,”” Tigra& Dazzler Show” and” Howard the Duck .” The characters will then come together in a special named” The Offenders .” These aren’t precisely -Alist, or even B-list, Marvel personas. Howard the Duck( created by Steve Gerber) is likely the best-known — primarily for starring…


‘Punisher’ Season 2 is punishing in all the wrong ways: Review

February 6, 2019

Marvel’s The Punisher Image: Cara Howe/ Netflix In a sea of heroic do-gooders, Punisher was a welcome advent onto the Marvel scene. While surely nowhere near as evocative and poignant as Jessica Jones Season 1, his 2017 solo preface into the Netflix-Marvel pantheon evidenced promise. The moral complexity of his persona added some much-needed shades of grey to the usual black-and-white good guy superheroes versus bad people. SEE ALSO: ‘Daredevil’…


What makes a celebrity endorsement a touchdown

February 2, 2019

(CNN)On Sunday, Sarah Michelle Gellar will try to sell you Olay face cream. Adam Scott and 2 Chainz will pitch you Expensify to do your work expenses. And Christina Applegate is going to threaten some too-chatty anthropomorphic M&Ms from the front seat of her mom van in hopes that somehow makes you want to eat a chocolate bar filled with the colorful candies. The effectiveness of celebrity endorsements, Comenos admits,…


34 Hilarious Photos Showing How Much Marvel Superheroes Changed In 10 Years

January 29, 2019

This week alone we’ve got to see hundreds of photos under the ‘#10yearchallenge’ hashtag, starting from some hilarious memes from all across the internet. And while it seems that that pool’s been drained, there are still some hidden gems waiting to be picked up. One of them, the undeniable icon of our pop culture, Marvel universe, is another excellent source of entertainment. If heroes from that world had social media…