An unwelcome reminder that eating raw cookie dough is dangerous even when it’s egg-free

January 12, 2019

‘ Tis the season for the environmental issues ! Image: forever dark-green christmas trees/ instagram The weeks after Christmas ever involve a brutal carnage — of trees. New York City is already a ghastly, odiferous poisonous cesspool of litter. The metropolitan is magically even more toxic in the working day following December 25. All along along our shattered streets you’ll read the bodies of the Christmas dead: Balsam, Douglas Fir,…


This Journaling Exercise Is The #1 Way Highly Successful People Achieve Everything They Want

December 15, 2018

0 What if kindness was cool? What if you could live a life that would stir YOU jealous? What if you could stimulate only one person’s period better with a few simple-minded words of encouragement? is a volume of inspirational words that will stop you opposing and ask you never to give up on life, yourself, or others. Open a page to start your day, frame a page that invigorates…


‘Frasier’ reboot discussed by Kelsey Grammer: ‘There has been some discussions’

November 5, 2018

“No, there’s been no premise that has come along that has the necessary burn, ” Grammer said, according to Deadline. “A lot of us are quite committed to the concept that you would never try to remake what we once had, ” he added. Also appearing on members of the panel were Grammer’s co-stars David Hyde Pierce, Jane Leeves and Peri Gilpin. The Emmy-winning star made it clear that any…


Netflix and shill? Streaming service tests adverts between shows

September 18, 2018

The trial, which verifies original programming promoted between episodes of other serial, has proved controversial among users Netflix is testing adverts for the first time, while promoting its original programming between occurrences of other serial, including Shameless, Frasier and Parks and Recreation. Viewers trying to binge-watch demonstrates on the streaming service will now find their viewing interrupted by the interstitial commercials, which air after the end of one chapter, before…


Netflix is testing ads between shows and people are pissed

September 2, 2018

Skip . Image: AYTAC UNAL/ ANADOLU AGENCY/ GETTY Say it ain’t so. The company that virtually single-handedly introduced us to binging video has apparently moved emphatically old-school with the latest innovation being tested on its platform. That’s right, Netflix is extending commercial-grades. SEE ALSO: Netflix has tons of veiled categories — here’s how to learn them So reports Cord Cutter News, which notes that the streaming giant is showing some…


This viral Twitter story about an actor proves it’s never too late to chase your dreams

August 29, 2018

Kathryn Joosten( left) in’ Desperate Housewives ‘. Image: Danny Feld/ ABC via Getty images It’s all very well and good when people go on about chasing your reveries, but surely all that material is just wishful thinking, right? Don’t current realities of life often mean that desires are too often simply not practical to achieve? Well, perhaps. But not always. On Sunday, writer Charlotte Clymer shared the story of Kathryn…