Trump’s Weird Description Of Kim Jong-Uns Uncles Death Sounds Like A GOT’ Scene

May 25, 2019

Alex Wong/Getty Images News/Getty Images Trump’s Comments On Kim Jong-Un’s Uncle’s Death Sound Like Something Out Of ‘Game of Thrones’ By Chelsea Stewart 2 days ago It looks like there are renewed tensions between the United States and North Korea following the seizure of a North Korean cargo vessel and the foreign country’s launch of two short-range ballistic missiles. This seems to end more than a year of unexpectedly friendly…


Game Of Thrones Fans Are Hurting For Ghost After Last Night

May 23, 2019

Game of Thrones spoilers ahead! Alrighty, now that we have that taken care of. Last night’s Game of Thrones episode got pretty steamy. Hearts were broken, wine was guzzled, and one very good doggo got nothing but a cold shoulder from the show’s dwindling cast of characters. Pet the damn dog Jon Snow! Guess he knows nothing after all. Fans had some feelings about the matter, and it ended with…


You Can Toast To The Iron Throne With Unlimited Mimosas At This ‘GOT’-Themed Summer Brunch

May 21, 2019

HBO This ‘Game Of Thrones’-Inspired Brunch Will Let You Feast Like Dany & Jon This Summer By Lara Walsh a day ago It’s hard to believe that Throners are just days away from finding out which of the show’s major players will end up taking the Iron Throne and ruling over the seven kingdoms. If the thought of saying goodbye to your favorite characters is making you sadder than the…


‘I’d tell myself every day I hated myself’

May 19, 2019

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Maisie made her acting debut in Game of Thrones ten years ago The 22-year-old says she used to find it “impossible” to ignore what people were saying about her on social media. Skip Instagram post by maisie_williams View this post on Instagram Report End of Instagram post by maisie_williams Image Copyright maisie_williams maisie_williams “I think so many of these problems are linked to things…


Guy Designs Funny, Useless Products To Solve Problems That Dont Exist

May 17, 2019

In a quest to solve the world’s problems that don’t exist; designer Matt Benedetto imagines, creates, and shares an ongoing series of Unnecessary Inventions from sunglasses with miniature blinds to chopstick extensions for your AirPods. You can find all of them on Instagram where Benedetto shares his growing collection of useless products. Unnecessary Inventions by Matt Benedetto SunShadersâ„¢ï¸ Get more of your sunglasses with your own shades for your shades….


Fans Point Out Major Game Of Thrones Callbacks In Season 8 Premiere

May 15, 2019

or full spiral) on “ The first episode of the elephant jokes, Drogon interpretations, fans pointed out some parallels between the most recent episode, “Winterfell,” and the show’s pilot. of the seven. The Opening Scene at Winterfell Some of the most obvious callbacks happen at the top of the episode when Jon Snow (Kit Harington) and Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) arrive at Winterfell with an enormous army and two dragons (that Sansa,…


The breakout stars of Game of Thrones

May 13, 2019

“Thus Richard Madden‘s role in Bodyguard has done wonders for his profile, Rose Leslie has the part in The Good Fight, Jason Momoa is building a reasonably respectable action career.” Momoa may only have spent a couple of years on the show, but has since played Aquaman, which made more than $1bn ($760m) at the box office, and is now one of the most distinctive faces in Hollywood. She adds:…


Everything Coming & Going On Netflix In May! – Perez Hilton

May 11, 2019

It’s very nearly May, and that means the end of Game Of Thrones is just around the corner! Yep, Summer is coming! LOLz! So what will you binge on now? Luckily Netflix has you covered with quite a lot of original programming this month — lots of the scary variety that is. There’s the highly anticipated Extremely Wicked Shockingly Evil And Vile, featuring a spine-tingling performance by Zac Efron as serial killer Ted Bundy, as…


Top that! Game of Thrones pulls off the biggest spectacle in TV history

May 9, 2019

It may have required some intense squinting, but with this feature-length flurry of limbs, Game of Thrones is back to sticking them with the pointy end Warning: this article contains spoilers for season eight, episode three of Game of Thrones. Thwack! The time for talking is over. Here was the ultimate rebuttal to any complaints about the chat-heavy nostalgia-fest of this final seasons first two episodes, a clonking great feature-length…