Samsung Galaxy Fold review: future shock

May 24, 2019

The Galaxy Fold has been the most polarizing product I can recall having reviewed. Everyone who learnt it wanted to play with the long-promised smartphone paradigm shift. The ensues, on the other hand, were far better mixed. If nothing else, the Fold has a remarkably high-pitched Q-Rating. Each person who envisioned me applying the product had at least a vague thought of what it was all about. I candidly can’t…


The Met Gala Worst-Dressed List: Does Anyone Understand Camp? Betches

May 22, 2019

Ah, the Met Gala. Each year, on the first Monday in May, the top epithets in fashion and entertainment amas to celebrate how rich and red-hot they are, and it’s always a treat. I signify, it’s technically a fundraiser, but we’re all here for the attires. Year after year, the world’s best decorators commit us some serious couture lookings based on whatever the topic is, and this year was no…


50 best stocking stuffers: Gift ideas for guys, girls, adults, teens, and everyone in between

May 20, 2019

Gift guides are taking over again — gift ideas for him, gift suggestions for her, and suggestions for every ultra-specific person in between seem to be everywhere you look. But one thing that’s often left until the last minute? The beloved stocking stuffer. Whether you’re gifting on a budget, have a spending limit within your gifting clique, or need a tiny-but-expensive gift to add as a amaze, tiny stocking stuffers…


This Is What It Means To Glow Up, Because Its Not About Proving The People From Your Past Wrong

May 18, 2019

Brianna Wiest Updated May 14, 2019 By Roberto Nickson Your glow up might not be something others can see. It might not come across as a shift on the surface. In a world of retaliation bodies and comeback relationships, a world that tries to tell you that your ultimate conversion should be splayed out across your Instagram feed, we’ve lost what it actually means to heal, to improve, to move…


Taking Eurovision seriously: ‘It’s about time’

May 16, 2019

Eurovision says in 42 sells, the contest was four times more popular with 15 -2 4-year-olds than the average show. Most behaves taking part in this year’s contest are under the age of 30, but Switzerland’s Luca Hanni jokes he feels old-time at 24. “It’s amazing to see all young person competing, ” he says. Eurovision is a week-long event with a red carpet, two semi-finals, a grand final and…


30 Breathtaking Photos From The 2019 National Geographic Travel Photo Contest Finalists

May 14, 2019

Broken down into three categories nature, metropolis, and people – these images “tell the story of a place, show us the natural environment, or share imaginations of people from around the globe.” Scroll down to see the National Geographic editors’ favorites thus far and suffer the world seen through these unique lenses. You can check their site May 13 -1 7 is in favour of the People’s Choice winning photos….


Real life Game of Thrones

May 12, 2019

( CNN) The week began with a purge in Washington. It ends with the start of the last season of “Game of Thrones, ” a television series whose violent power play have gripped viewers’ attention for eight years.


Art Deco pier named best in Britain

May 6, 2019

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption A grey-haired and murky morning underneath Worthing Pier The mayor of Worthing, Paul Baker, said: “It really is a beautiful and iconic landmark. “It symbolises all that is classic about a traditional quay. “It’s not garish but elegant, “youre seeing” a great prove there, take tea while enjoying breathtaking positions, have a nice dinner, fish for your supper, or just take an evening stroll.”…


Swipe This! My ex is trying to control what I post on Instagram

May 4, 2019

” Swipe This !”~ ATAGEND is an advice column about how to steer human relationships and associates in an age where reference is depend so heavily on engineering. Have a few questions? Email [ email protected ] Dear Swipe This! And then , not 2 hours later, my ex-husband texts me:” Are we posting pictures of boys and girls we chill with now ?” I didn’t respond, but I wanted…