Rugby United New York prepares for its debut season

January 24, 2019

( CNN) Bringing professional rugby to the Big Apple has been no mean feat. So when Rugby United New York takes to the field for its first competitive game in Major League Rugby, away to San Diego Legion on January 27, there will be a smile on one man’s face. Rugby World Cup Sevens 2018


Why people binge-watch terrible TV shows

January 23, 2019

So bad they’re good . Image: MASHABLE COMPOSITE; NETFLIX, LIFETIME, GETTY IMAGES/ JIM SPELLMAN/ WIREIMAGE In Binged , Mashable breaks down why we binge-watch, how we binge-watch, and what it does to us. Because binge-watching is the new normal . No shame? Sorry, I’ve got plenty of chagrin. And it involves Ballers . We binge three kinds of proves. First, there’s prestige TV, the kind you sign a blood promise…


Now is the perfect time to catch up with FXX’s bright, bitter ‘You’re the Worst’

January 21, 2019

Gretchen( Aya Cash) is poised to be a beautiful, blushing bride in Season 5 of’ You’re The Worst .’ Image: byron cohen/ fxx It may be entering its final season, but there’s never been a better time to catch up on You’re The Worst . FXX’s caustic comedy about has always stood separate from its exhausted genre. If TV proves about pals muddling through early adulthood gather together a party,…


Here Are 21 LGBTQ Celebrity Coming-Out Stories That Shaped 2018

January 3, 2019

Such figures, of course, only serve as a reminder of the importance of queer visibility, and assuring lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer performers, artists and other public figures live authentically remains both empowering and subversive. In some cases, they stoked a fair share of disagreement, too. cultural appropriation online after using the Native American term “Two Spirit” to describe its own experience with men and women. CHRIS DELMAS via…


Everything coming to Hulu in January 2019

December 19, 2018

Image: pixar/ fx/ paramount images As if there wasn’t already enough to be excited about in 2019, Hulu’s January selection is delivering even more New Year’s hype. Here’s what’s streaming. From Stephen King’s greatest ten-strikes, including Cujo and Pet Sematary , to the kid-friendliest of flicks, like Inside Out and Chicken Run , Hulu’s January movie picks are all over the place–in a good way. You’ve got Annihilation next to…


50 Thoughtful Last Minute Christmas Gifts For Procrastinators

December 16, 2018

January Nelson Updated December 11, 2018 If you still haven’t finished your holiday store, you should think about buying these last-minute endowments suggested by Ask Reddit . 1 . Mason jar+ equal personas granulated carbohydrate and veg oil+ either a few drops of crucial oil OR some lemon zest OR vanilla extract= boutique grade form scrub. 2 . Buy tickets online for a upcoming play-act, dinner& indicate, concert, play, etc….


‘Batkid’ Miles Scott Is Cancer-Free! – Perez Hilton

November 17, 2018

Such wonderful news! Five years ago, 5-year-old Miles Scott — who was battling leukemia — made a request to the Make–AWish Foundation to become Batkid, just like his hero Batman! With help from San Francisco’s police and fire departments, the San Francisco Giants , and the late San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee , Scott became a real-life superhero, and took down the Penguin and the Riddler in the city of…


How America got old, glitchy electronic voting machines

November 7, 2018

Democracy is worth the long line, we swear ! Image: Joe Raedle/ Getty Images It’s been 18 years and several thousand lifetimes since the raced Bush-Gore general elections of 2000. Yet “hanging chads” are still haunting us — but not in accordance with the rules you might think. Since countries began introducing electronic voting machines and other engineering in the voting process, digitizing various aspects of voting has been a…