A Few Things That Dont Make Sense About The How I Met Your Mother Finale

May 20, 2019

By CBS By CBS HIMYM is one of the greatest sitcoms to ever grace our television screens. The performers were multi-talented. The scripts were genius. The storylines were heartfelt and authentic. The columnists generated ten golden years of television which I cannot expressed his gratitude enough for — with the exception of the last episode. Even after all this time, there are some things I’m still pissed about from the…


How ‘You’re the Worst’ and ‘Catastrophe’ helped reinvent the rom-com

April 8, 2019

CatastropheIn most TV reveals or movies, this panorama would be aggressively unromantic, but in , it’s the opposite. It also epitomizes a series that has helped redefine what the romantic comedy looks like in the streaming age. It’s no secret that the past few years have ushered in . Yet as opposes the classic” will they/ won’t they” dynamic on reveals like or the overt sappiness of depicts like ,…


Eugene Mirman on the Most Personal Comedy Hes Ever Done

March 21, 2019

AUSTIN, Texas–Eugene Mirman was hanging out with some of his comedian pals one day when they started joking about starting a slapstick festival in his name. Over a decade afterwards, the Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival, which extended for 10 years at the Bell House in Brooklyn, is the subject of a brand-new documentary called It Started as a Joke . Mirman, best knows we


Screw Ted, I Want A Relationship Like Barney And Robin

February 10, 2019

TV+ Movies Screw Ted, I Want A Relationship Like Barney And Robin Holly Riordan Updated February 5, 2019 How I Encountered Your Mother portrayed the perfect love story. But it wasn’t between Ted and Robin . I crave such relationships where being a strong, independent career woman is admired , not frowned upon. I want a supportive relationship, an encouraging relationship, a relationship that gives me room to breathe. I…


How I Met Your Mother Changed The Way Stories Can Be Told On Television

January 25, 2019

TV+ Movies ‘ How I Fulfilled Your Mother’ Changed The Way Stories Is gonna be Told On Television Holly Riordan Updated January 24, 2019 How I Met Your Mother is unlike any other prove you have ensure before. takes storytelling to an entirely new level. As the name proposes, the half-hour sitcom tells the story of how Ted Mosby gratified the mother of his children. Along the direction, he gets…


Everything That’s Worth Binging On Netflix This January Betches

January 7, 2019

We did it. The holidays are over and we’ve survived the family reunions, awkward high school run-ins in our hometowns, and talent shopping stress–even if that necessitates growing penniless in the end. Now that we’re back to adulthood activities such as having responsibilities, day-to-day duties, and going back into the office, the desperate need for a distraction has never been stronger. IDK about you, but the back-to-back holidays have left…