New on Netflix in March 2019: 10 Best Movies to Watch and New Releases

March 13, 2019

Netflix is declining 17 brand-new original movies in March 2019, and that’s not even counting the dozens of other brand-new proves and licensed titles that will land on the service over the course of the month. It’s almost too much to keep track of. While the majority of the members of those Netflix Originals are international names, there are some major new releases you should know about. Here are all…


The best Netflix original series of 2019, ranked

March 1, 2019

It only took a matter of weeks for contenders to emerge for the most wonderful Netflix original series of 2019. The streaming platform have so far been pumped out a gut-busting high school sex slapstick, a time-bending detective reveal, and a nuanced comic book superhero adaptation. And those are just the new Netflix originals; several other serial have also returned with great new seasons this year. The best part is,…


The Netflix Original You Should Invite Your Crush Over To Watch Based On His Zodiac Sign

February 24, 2019

January Nelson Updated February 23, 2019 Aries: March 21- April 19 th ” As kids, the issue is superheroes. Now they’re super dysfunctional. And they’ve got eight periods to stave off the end of the world .” Gemini: May 21 st- June 20 th ” Meet the most beloved sitcom horse of the’ 90 s … 20 years later. Set in an L.A. where humans and anthropomorphic animal-people coexist, BoJack…


Netflix adds 8.8M paid subscribers globally, says it now accounts for 10 percent of US TV screen time

January 21, 2019

Netflix simply liberated its fourth quarter earnings report, which appears mixed compared to Wall Street expectations. The company added 8.8 million customers, well above the 7.6 million that it had predicted at the beginning of the quarter. It also vanquished the cost estimates for earnings per share — analysts had predicted EPS of 24 cents, but actual EPS came in at 30 cents. Nonetheless, revenue “ve been a little” lower…


Netflix’s ‘Sex Education’ finds the humanity in awkward teen sex

January 16, 2019

‘ Sex Education’ is all about the unclean, awkward underbelly of sexuality Image: Jon Hall/ Netflix The horrors of teen sexuality are a universal suffer. And Sex Education feels like the extended therapy conference we needed to work through all that buried, mortifying trauma. At first, you might be quick to put the brand-new Netflix series in the same category as other racy teen British sees like The Inbetweeners ,…


Nielsen compares ‘Bird Box’ numbers to other Netflix originals

January 13, 2019

Image: Saeed Adyani/ Netflix It looks like Bird Box is the massive made that Netflix says it is. Nielsen, which quantifies viewer ratings of television shows and now some streaming services, backed up Netflix’s bold claims about Bird Box ‘s popularity, Variety reported Tuesday. Within the first seven days of its liberate on Netflix, Nielsen reports that it was watched by 26 million viewers in the U.S. alone. SEE ALSO:…


Should cash-strapped Snapchat sell out? To Netflix?

October 28, 2018

Snapchat need to see a sugar daddy. Its currency reserves are dwindling from giant quarterly losses. Morale is poor from a battered share rate and cost-cutting measures sap momentum. And intense rivalry from Facebook is avoiding rapid growth. With only $1.4 billion in assets remaining at the end of a brutal Q3 2018 and psychoanalyst MoffetNathanson calculating it will lose $1.5 billion in 2019 alone, Snapchat could run out of…