Stuck on repeat: what is Netflixs Russian Doll actually about?

March 24, 2019

Paranoia, redundancy, bathrooms followers believe the smash black comedy mirrors star Natasha Lyonnes own battles with addiction By now, you have probably worked out that Natasha Lyonne is a retrieving addict whose real-life backstory overlaps with that of her persona Nadia; many of the artists referenced in the indicate( musician Harry Nilsson, writer Lucy Maud Montgomery, film-maker Alejandro Jodorowsky) either themselves died of narcotic overdoses or were deeply are subject…


Reputed Gambino Crime Boss Shot & Killed In New York – Perez Hilton

March 20, 2019

Francesco “Frank” Cali was found with multiple gunshot weaves to the torso in the Todt Hill neighborhood of Staten Island. The New York Police Department is confirmed that medics arrived at the incident and transported Frank to Staten Island University North . Another law enforcement official confirmed to the outlet that the victim was a high-ranking member of the Gambino organized crime family and was believed to be the acting…


Amy Klobuchar’s funny speech gives her a lift

March 5, 2019

( CNN) It was midway through George W. Bush’s first word and the Senate Majority Leader, Tom Daschle, was being hammered for being an obstructionist. More specifically, he was being accused of using the influence of the Senate to frustrate the will of the President. As luck would have it, or perhaps a bit of strategy, Daschle agreed to be the Democratic orator at the Gridiron Dinner. Klobuchar: Have I…


HBO’s Twitter account just burned Jack Dorsey, ‘Sopranos’ style

January 24, 2019

Ouch . Image: Hindustan Times/ getty Nothing brought about by a perfectly workshopped diss like a little cross-industry promotional opportunism. We were reminded of this fact on Jan. 10, when, in celebration of the 20 th anniversary of the present The Sopranos , the HBO Twitter account announces that it would dish out Sopranos-inspired names. And you better believe that Twitter CEO and “conversational health” guru Jack Dorsey wanted in…


Eddie Murphy confirms ‘Coming to America’ sequel: report

January 16, 2019

‘ THE SOPRANOS’ CREATOR MAY HAVE ACCIDENTALLY CONFIRMED TONY’S DEATH IN THE SHOW’S FINAL MOMENTS “We’ve assembled a great crew this is gonna be is presided over by Craig Brewer, who only did an amazing chore on Dolemite[ Is My Name ], and I’m looking forward to bringing all these classic and beloved personas back to the big screen, ” Murphy said in the following statement to the outlet. CLICK…


Trump Pursued By Hounds On ‘Sopranos’ New Yorker Cover

September 18, 2018

Donald Trump fleeing a jam-pack of hounds through the woods. The artwork, by Barry Blitt, is called “Closing In.” The It’s clearly a comment on Trump’s close call after his former personal lawyer Paul Manafort on eight offenses, including tax and bank fraud. Swamp Chronicles” in The New Yorker that the president is now “formally implicated in a criminal plot to mislead the American public in order to influence an…


These moving stairs transform into an elevator for people with wheelchairs

September 10, 2018

Image: Jessica Miglio/ Netflix Major spoilers for Ozark : Season 2 lie ahead. From Narcos to Breaking Bad , crime dramas have gained a reputation for using shallow girl personas as little more than emotional fodder for male tales. Often decreased as damsels in distress and exasperating nags, women within the genre exist almost exclusively to depict girlfriends, spouses, fathers, and victims. Season 2 of Netflix’s Ozark , nonetheless, champions…


Insiders TV: writers and producers share their tips

September 6, 2018

At a time of nearly infinite diversity on the small screen, contributing show-makers share their new binges, old-time favourites and ongoing habits Years and Years What are you looking forward to watching this autumn ? I’m dying to see Constellations . That was a genius piece of writing and this is his first full-length piece for Tv. I don’t know much about it – it’s about relationships or something- but…


This mafia style of government makes Trump a role model for all autocrats | Jonathan Freedland

September 2, 2018

Punishing commentators like John Brennan is part of the US presidents ongoing abuse of power and normalisation of autocracy, says the Guardian columnist Jonathan Freedland More than 18 months into his presidency, Donald Trump’s modus operandi- and the danger it represents- is clear. His working method is that of the mafia boss and gangland chieftain, daily wielding his ability to settle scores, teach lessons and crush dissent. Anyone who’s seen…


Can Matthew Weiner turn The Romanoffs into a Mad Men-sized hit?

August 17, 2018

The show-runners costly follow-up boasts a sterling cast and a fascinating premise but carries considerable baggage Three years after Mad Men concluded its extraordinary eight-year run with a linen-clad Don Draper meditating on a hilltop, the showrunner Matthew Weiner is back with his highly anticipated follow-up. Earlier this week, Amazon dropped the second teaser for The Romanoffs, an ambitious, expensive episodic anthology series following various families who believe themselves to…