Hulu greenlights Howard the Duck and three other animated Marvel shows

Four new enlivened Marvel serial, plus a crossover special, are coming to Hulu.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Hulu has greenlit “MODOK,” ” Hit-Monkey ,”” Tigra& Dazzler Show” and” Howard the Duck .” The characters will then come together in a special named” The Offenders .”

These aren’t precisely -Alist, or even B-list, Marvel personas. Howard the Duck( created by Steve Gerber) is likely the best-known — primarily for starring in a notorious’ 80 s flop — but I’ve also got a soft spot for MODOK, a gloriously ridiculous scoundrel whose full identify is Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing.


Presumably, the strategy here is to make funny testifies about some of the weirder Marvel characters. And there are some established identifies working behind the scenes, with Kevin Smith signed up as a novelist and executive producer on” Howard the Duck ,” Patton Oswalt serving in a similar persona on “MODOK” and Chelsea Handler on” Tigra and Dazzler Show .”

Meanwhile, the Netflix-Marvel partnership — which likewise started out with four superhero serial and a big crossover — appears to be coming to an objective, with only “Jessica Jones” and” The Punisher” left uncanceled( for now ).

Hulu is already the dwelling to another Marvel series, “Runaways,” and it establishes help feeling that the relationship for to deepen after the Fox acquisition, which made Marvel’s corporate parent Disney into the majority owner of Hulu. And if that’s not enough streaming superhero content for you, there are also indicates about Loki and other attributes from the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the works for the yet-to-launch Disney +.

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