Shoreham pilot: ‘Aviation fuel runs through his veins’

Image copyright Zak Hussein/ PA Image caption Andy Hill was known as “The Prof” by colleagues at BA and the RAF

Andrew Hill has been cleared of 11 counts of manslaughter after crashing an eight-tonne jet-black on to a busy street in a failed aerobatic loop-the-loop. Who is the captain at the centre of the deadliest breath prove catastrophe in Britain in more than 60 years?

Eighteen months before Andy Hill crashed an ex-military jet and killed 11 boys outside the Shoreham Airshow, the former RAF and British Airways pilot’s aerobatic prowess featured in an episode of ITV drama Midsomer Murders.

His home-built plane simulated an out-of-control dive, in which the captain narrowly avoided a mob of spectators after pushing his aircraft to the limit.

An air traffic controller told the fictional aviator: “You are headed for the crowds.”

It would prove to be a tragic foreshadowing.

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