Kim Kardashian Reveals North Pulled A Creepy Death Hoax On Kanye For April Fools! – Perez Hilton

We’re not sure whether we should start worrying about North West — or cheering her on!

Once again we’re getting a big red flag( black flag? jolly roger ?) about the reality star kiddo’s more morbid predilections.

This time she made a joke out of something super creepy — her momma’s death!

In a wide-ranging interview with Elle on Wednesday, Kim Kardashian West described how her family celebrated April Fools Day this year — with an intricately strategy practical joke that involved faking a dead body to make it look to Kanye West like his wife had been murdered!

And it was all North’s idea. Kim described 😛 TAGEND

“[ North] took ketchup into my bathroom, and she pled me to let her spread it on me and on the bathroom as if it was like a bad scary movie. Then she asked me to lie down. I imagined she was just playing, maybe that she was going to say I was injured. No .”

Wow. That’s so ghoulish!

But she didn’t pull it off alone. She roped in little brother Saint West as well! Kim remembered 😛 TAGEND

” She taught Saint how to fake-cry — she demonstrated him how to do it! — and then she told him to scream,’ Mommy’s dead! ‘”

If you’re thinking this is too inappropriate and scandalizing for a family practical joke, you aren’t alone.

The target wasn’t too happy with it either 😛 TAGEND

” Kanye passed upstairs and he was like,’ Kids, “thats just not” funny. This is not a good prank.'”

LOLz! Kanye isn’t exactly known for his ability to take a joke…

Remember when South Park did an entire occurrence about it ?

…but we may have to agree with him on this one. We would have been so shook we can’t even imagine! And considering Kanye once had a scare IRL about Kim being tied up at gunpoint in another country? Even worse.

And for a 5-year-old to have drew it off ??* shiver*

North West isn’t going to be a reality star, she’s going to be a master of repugnance!

Kardashian family keeper uppers may recollect back around the holidays Kim posted an adorable but dreadfully dark arts and ships project in which North made a grave and gravestone for Saint’s Elf on a Shelf, which had apparently been killed in action.

His name was Elf, he lived on a Shelf, one of Santa’s snoops , now here he lies./( c) Kim Kardashian/ Instagram

That wasn’t for Halloween. That was Christmastime.

Sure North may be a genius, but so was Dexter Morgan, know what we signify?

And no, Kim wasn’t upset by this part of macabre artistry either; “shes been” proud of the kids’ creativity!

” It did establish me a little impressed that they planned something together, and the issue is getting along and having fun as a crew .”

LOLz! Somewhere in the Kardashian house there’s a crime scene photo of Kim’s murder protruded to the fridge with a Dora the Explorer magnet.

[ Image via Kim Kardashian/ Instagram .]

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