US woman removed from plane after boarding with ’emotional support’ squirrel

Flight from Orlando to Cleveland was delayed due to two hours after female refused to leave and take her squirrel with her

The passenger was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed even though it was an evening flight.

Literally, as it turned out. The passenger was a squirrel. It hadn’t scampered on to the plane while people or purses were being loaded, or anything like that.

A human passenger had brought the squirrel on board with her as her” emotional support animal “. When she refused to leave and take her squirrel with her, the security forces were called.

The woman and the squirrel were removed from the Tuesday evening flight by the police.

The passengers all had to disembark and reboard, inducing a two-hour delay in the difference of Frontier Airlines flight 1612 from Orlando to Cleveland.

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Frontier said the passenger had noted in her reservation that she was bringing an emotional support swine- but she did not indicate it was a squirrel .

The airline says rodents, including squirrels, are not allowed. The corporation said the police were called when the passenger refused to leave the plane.

Police then requested that the other passengers disembark while officers dealt with the status of women, who was eventually escorted into the primary terminals.

The incident followed others where an” emotional support peacock“, Dexter, was barred from boarding a flight with its owner the beginning of this year and, of course, Pebbles, the emotional support hamster, which intent up flushed down a lavatory. The name of the squirrel has still not been released.

Frontier’s current policy proscriptions” unusual or exotic swine”, including” rodents, reptiles, insects, hedgehogs, rabbits, carbohydrate gliders , non-household chicks or improperly cleaned and/ or animals with foul odor “.

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