Worst TV Show Endings Of All Time! – Perez Hilton

With Game Of Thrones coming to an intention, lots of fans are upset about the mode everything has gone down this entire season.

Of course, it’s hardly the first show to disillusion its observers at the last minute( or before that ).

Not sticking the landing is one thing; what these finales did is screw it up so bad they induced followers like the whole show less!

See our sole cask picks for WORST ceases of all time( below )!


1 Seinfeld


3 Dexter

4 Battlestar Galactica

5 True Blood

And that’s really how it all ends.( c) NBC/ YouTube

But hey, at least all the dead attributes got to hug each other in heaven?( c) ABC/ YouTube

Such a strong start …

Dexter’s sister Debra realizes she’s in love with him( WTF ?!?), altogether spoiling her character.

That doesn’t matter anyway because she gets killed by some random serial killer no one even recollects.

Everything becomes about the mob and people killing each other for extremely mundane , non-serial reasons.

Hannah is introduced halfway through the penultimate season and basically becomes the most important character in Dexter’s life. She’s this ridiculously badass who, like Dexter, also has no uneasiness about killing people who get in her way.( Almost like someone was trying get a spinoff moving …)

No, Hannah. Literally no one remembers you. We’ve asked around.

He’s a lumberjack and it’s not OK./( c) Showtime/ YouTube

( c) Syfy/ YouTube

The only thing missing is her being barefoot — but to be fair, the kitchen is outside in the soil.( c) HBO/ YouTube

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