‘ALF’ Actor Max Wright Dead At Age 75

Actor Max Wright, who played the straight man to a mischievous foreigner on the 1986 -1 990 sitcom “ALF, ” died Wednesday in Hermosa Beach, California, according to reports. He was 75 and had lived with lymphoma for decades.

Wright earned a Tony nomination in 1998 for “Ivanov.” But he will mainly be remembered by fans for his portraying of family man Willie Tanner, the father figure to the furry and funny ALF( short for “alien life form”) who crash-landed to earth.

“RIP Max Wright, ” comedian and “Family Guy” creator Seth MacFarlane wrote on Twitter. “A hilarious and talented actor. Sad news to hear of his give. Who will retain ALF in check now? ”

Wright likewise owns a piece of “Friends” history as director of the gang’s Central Perk coffee shop meeting place in early occurrences, Variety mentioned.

Other credits include “Norm, ” “Murphy Brown, ” “Quantum Leap, ” “Misfits of Science, ” “Cheers, ” “Buffalo Bill, ” “Taxi” and “The Drew Carey Show.” He also appeared in the movie “All That Jazz.”

Wright, a Detroit native, is lived by two children. His wife, Linda Ybarrondo, whom he married in 1965, died in 2017, according to IMDB.

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