This Mayor West mashup from ‘Family Guy’ is a perfect Adam West tribute

Actor Adam West’s death in June was a major punch to Batman devotees, but many experienced somber to lose another beloved character: Mayor West from Family Guy .

In a clip montage, the show itself paid tribute to West’s funniest moments over the course of the series. The full video is virtually nine times of Mayor West gold.

“What merriment it’s been to be on Family Guy for 15 years, ” West said in one of his last interviews. “It’s all dishonesty, bribery, ” he supposed of his role as Mayor West( the antithesis of Batman’s platform ). “It’s wonderful.”

“[ Seth MacFarlane] thought that I could play myself in a goofy enough direction and stimulate pipelines that no other performer in the world could possibly read I could make it study. And I have, ” he added.

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