AMC announces ‘Walking Dead’ Season 8 premiere date

Image: gene page/ amc

The war approachings, Walking Dead followers, and it begins in October. AMC to prove that The Walking Dead ‘s eighth season are now beginning Oct. 22.

The Walking Dead, Season 8. Photo Credit: Courtesy AMC

In Season 7, Negan tried to take down Rick and the town of Alexandria and miscarried miserably. Daryl broke out of the Saviors camp and Carol woke up from her apathetic stupor. Now Rick is rallying the troops against Negan with Maggie and the people of Hilltop, so we can expect the famous All Out War storyline when Season 8 starts in the fall.

Additionally, AMC was indicated that Fear the Walking Dead , The Walking Dead ‘s prequel display, will return Sept. 10.

Fear The Walking Dead Season 3B, Photo credit: Courtesy AMC

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