‘Better Call Saul’ keeps adding layers with new batch of episodes

( CNN) “Better Call Saul” is TV’s version of a Russian nesting doll, gradually adding strata to the “Breaking Bad” prequel, inching toward its logical expiry dates. As the new season demonstrates, the AMC demonstrate has moved forward richer in the process, even if the pacing at times remains a trifle sluggish.

At the same time, the series is operating on multiple racetracks — not just the parallel course of former officers Mike( Jonathan Banks ), but likewise the arcs of drug peddler Nacho( Michael Mando) and stimulant kingpin Gus Fring( Giancarlo Esposito ), whose arrival committed the evidence a shot of adrenaline, even if “Saul” is taking its occasion, as usual, in chronicling how Gus built his empire.

Last, but not least, there’s Kim( Rhea Seehorn ), the straight-laced advocate whose soft spot for Jimmy has exposed unexpected sides to her personality, who begins to see him in a different sunlight as the season progresses.

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