Tearful Chris Hardwick Returns To ‘Talking Dead’ After Sexual Abuse Allegations

Chris Hardwick shaped his return to “Talking Dead” on Sunday, following the midseason premiere of “Fear the Walking Dead.”

Yvette Nicole Brown was originally scheduled to supersede Hardwick as host of the episode; however, AMC reinstated Hardwick after completing its investigation of sex crime allegations.

Jordin Althaus/ AMC Chris Hardwick on “Talking Dead.”

AMC’s decision was met with some backlash.

During the week before Hardwick’s return, devotees on social media continued to show is supportive of actress Chloe Dykstra, who described her experience with an emotionally and sexually abusive ex-boyfriend in a June post on Medium. Though Dykstra didn’t name Hardwick in the article, readers rapidly assumed that it was referencing her three-year relation with him. He denied these claims.

A number of “Talking Dead” staff, including an executive producer, also quit the evidence over Hardwick’s reinstatement, The Wrap reported.

On Sunday, Hardwick addressed the audience 😛 TAGEND

I actually just want to take a minute, and I want to say that I am so appreciative to be standing here right now. And I want to thank you, the “Walking Dead” community, for all of your support these last couple of months.

You know, this show is not just a position to me. This is a vital part of my life, you are familiar. This has been a sanctuary, these last seven years we’ve is still here. This has been with me through good times and bad times, and I have so much gratitude to you, the followers and the producers and the amazing casts of both of these sees, for letting me to come here and be a part of this community every week.

This is what this is. This is a community, and we’re along the cliff of a lot of changes on both “Walking Dead” indicates in the next week and months, and I am so looking forward to going on that jaunt with you, and I’ve said the following words a thousand times, countless days, and that I’ve never been more thankful than I am in this very instant, to say to you that I am Chris Hardwick, and this is “Talking Dead.”

Hardwick went on to praise Brown, who was a guest on the pre-taped chapter, for taking over his various hosting places. The two shared a hug and the studio audience applauded.

Dykstra’s Medium essay outlined disturbing emotional abuse and industry blacklisting that she said she incurred as a result of a past relationship. Shortly after the paper was wrote, Hardwick was removed from hosting his various appearances on AMC as well as moderating San Diego Comic-Con panels, pending an AMC investigation.

Before AMC reinstated him on “Talking Dead, ” “Walking Dead” executive producer David Alpert told HuffPost he wanted Hardwick back but repetition: “We have to figure out what’s going on.”

Although Dykstra didn’t participate in AMC’s investigation, she recently tweeted that she would “1 00% stand by every single word” of her essay outlining the abuse she experienced 😛 TAGEND

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