Joe Biden’s handling of Anita Hill hearing re-emerges with latest controversy

( CNN) Former Vice President Joe Biden’s efforts to fend off criticism about his touchy, intimate style with women has renewed scrutiny of his a leading role in 1991 when the Senate heard law professor Anita Hill’s sexual harassment claims against State supreme court nominee Clarence Thomas.

Hill, then a constitution professor at the University of Oklahoma and now at Brandeis University, alleged that Thomas harassed her with are talking here about porn when she worked for him in the 1980 s at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and Department of Education.

In Biden’s most recent statements on the episode, he described the senators who took Hill’s testimony as “a bunch of white-hot people … a committee that didn’t fully understand what the hell it was all about.”

Biden: Anita Hill ‘paid a frightful price’

How much has changed since Anita Hill?

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