The foetus facial: why Victoria Beckham spends 1,100 to look like a newborn

-Alisters pay thousands for anti-ageing therapies involving caviar facials, mashed pearl, stem cell injections and oxygen therapy. But if you really want skin like a child, the committee is cheaper ways

Call: Victoria Beckham’s caviar facial.

Age : Defying.

Appearance : Younger, less heavy.

A facial that establishes you lose weight? Yes. When it’s over, you’re PS1, 100 lighter.

Are you saying that Victoria Beckham salaries that much to have person smear caviar on her face ? It is described as a” caviar sheet mask”, but, essentially, yes.

Does she at least eat it subsequentlies ? I don’t think so.

What a trash. What a shocking, scandalizing debris. It’s not just about the caviar. Posh opts for the full “legacy” therapy, by dermatologist-to-the-stars Dr Harold Lancer, which also includes oxygen therapy, an eye mask made from vanquished pearls and root cell injections. It is known as the foetus facial.

I’m not sure I like where this is going. Relax. It’s just called that because it leaves your scalp seeming” as fresh as a newborn’s “.

A newborn is not a foetus. Stop being so literal. It simply means you seem young.

I believe if you’ve got onus of fund and having fish eggs scratched on your face is your mind of being pampered … This “ve got nothing” to do with pampering. This is about commitment.

Commitment to a facial ?” Victoria doesn’t merely sporadically do something ,” says Lancer.” She follows a programme designed with the same determination as an Olympic player .”

Who is she vying against? Lancer’s other clients include Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez and Renee Zellweger, but Beckham is at the top of her play.” She’s one of “the worlds largest” regimented -Alisters I hear ,” he says.

Can I, a non-regimented civilian, approximate the same age-erasing results? There is a home version of the bequest care on offer for a mere PS750.

OK, so no . Alternatively, you can pick up a jar of Lancer’s Caviar Lime Acid Peel for about PS90.

I’ve changed my psyche . Or you can buy a caviar sheet mask from Superdrug for PS3. 99.

I can ? They’re actually pretty widely available, in a wide range of prices.

Can world-wide wide-eyed caviar stocks reinforcement this insatiable necessitate? Wild beluga sturgeon is already critically endangered. Almost all caviar is farmed these days.

I wouldn’t have anything but sustainably sourced caviar on my face . Also, most sheet disguises contain” caviar obtain”, which can be as dilute as 1g of caviar per litre of liquid. A little starts a long way.

Do say :” My dear, who is your dermatologist? You search as wrinkly and purple as a newborn babe !”

Don’t say :” No, it’s not a facial. I just got drunk and passed out in my dinner .”

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