‘Gotham City Sirens’ wasn’t mentioned at Comic-Con. What’s up with the Harley Quinn spinoff?

When Warner Bros. announced its slate of nine upcoming films at Comic-Con on Saturday, we couldn’t help but notice a few big omissions.

Embedded within the sizzle reel were nine titles and logos, most of which we knew were coming, some of which (like Wonder Woman II) are now officially official. Make no mistake: Nine is a lot of movies to have lined up.

But what has become of Gotham City Sirens, the Harley Quinn-led female villain team-up which Margot Robbie boarded back in December? Wouldn’t the return of another major female star with the director, David Ayer, who first got her to screen seem like something you’d include?

The lack of mention could mean some disruptively major change has taken place

Gotham City Sirens wasn’t given a release date when it was reported, but a bunch of the films included in DC’s demonstration don’t have dates, either. There’s also no Nightwing and no Black Adam, two movies that have been talked about via official channels before.

A person with knowledge of Warner Bros. plans characterized them as “still viable” projects, adding that the studio only brings “the big stuff” to Hall H. But a female-led DC movie is pretty big stuff, as we recently found out.

Ayer, meanwhile, threw considerable shade at the big-studio process and even his own movie, to some degree, during the Friday panel for his Netflix film Bright. Would he dare do that with another big-budget blockbuster job still on the line?

The lack of mention at Comic-Con in their sizzle reel could mean some disruptively major change has taken place on these projects or that they’re not moving ahead quickly enough to keep up with the newbies.

Whatever these titles fates turn out to be, one thing is for certain: the winds of change are whipping around DC here at Comic-Con, which tells me that more is surely in store. And as Wonder Woman showed us, change at DC is probably for going to be positive.

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