Kevin Spacey’s Sexual Assault Accuser Suddenly Drops Lawsuit Against The Actor! – Perez Hilton

Kevin Spacey has one less sexual assault accuser to deal with, as the Massachusetts busboy who accused the actor of fondling him has suddenly declined his lawsuit.

On Friday, the accuser’s lawyer Mitchel Garabedian said the alleged victim filed a voluntary notice of dismissal Wednesday in Massachusetts Superior Court, merely over a few weeks after the suit was filed.

The filing doesn’t indicate whether a colonization has been reached, but it does not seek attorneys’ costs and was filed “with prejudice” — which entails the lawsuit cannot be refiled.

As we reported, journalist and former WCVB-TV news anchor Heather Unruh accused the House of Cards star of plying her then-1 8-year-old son with booze before reaching into his pants to grope him at the Club Car Restaurant in July 2016. The alleged victim reportedly worked at the Nantucket bar as a busboy at the time.

Not only did the 59 -year-old star vehemently deny the allegations, he and his squad went on to

The actor’s team previously tried( and failed) to block attorneys from filing the charges against him, arguing that the alleged victim told investigators he allowed Spacey to grope him for around three minutes — during which time he didn’t move away from the actor or tell him to stop.

In the alleged victim’s defense, though, he had allegedly told police he couldn’t scoot away from Spacey because the bar was jam-pack. The teen likewise claimed he had between 8 and 10 drinkings of beer and whiskey in a little over an hour — and was allegedly so drunk, he may have blacked out.

We’ll see if this fell lawsuit impacts the ongoing case in any way.

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