The Twilight Zone‘s Struggle in the Age of Streaming Services

File this under “yet another sentence that wouldn’t have made any feel in the year 2000 “: Tonight, the third largest chapter of Jordan Peele’s The Twilight Zone reboot will become available to stream on CBS All Access. On the bright side, it’s by far the best of the serial’ first occurrences, four members of which were provided to press. On the not-as-bright side, it falls apart in the last act and is still by far the most wonderful of the serial’ first four chapters. The Twilight Zone may lie between scientific and notion, but it grounds squarely in the most densely populated region in television, Prettygoodistan.

The question is whether pretty good is enough. With the first stage of streaming TV drawing to a close, spectators have a much different situate of alternatives to build than they did back when House of Cards first made Netflix–and increasingly, a platform are now living or die by whether its marquee demonstrates become seen as indispensable.

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