This cemetery love story has a better ending than ‘How I Met Your Mother’

It’s just your classic love story of boy satisfies girl … at the grave of her aunt and grandparents that he inspected after accidentally buying blooms for their murderer. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves here. It’s best to start from the beginning.

Published author ” Matt ,” who goes by the nom de plume” Sixth Form Poet ,” been set up with one heckuva” truth is stranger than story” tale over the weekend that delighted thousands of Twitter users.

” Hello, good morning. A ridiculous but ENTIRELY TRUE story coming up, told in three components ,” @sixthformpoet tweeted on Sunday morning.” Ten tweets per part so you are able to a) make a strong coffee, or b) discount me .”

The first part starts out on a sad note; the author said that his father passed away an undetermined number of years ago, and was buried in a small village in Sussex.” I was really close to my father so I inspected his grave a lot ,” he author.” I still do .”

It was during these visits that Matt couldn’t help but notice that while he and his mother would often leave flowers at his father’s mausoleum( to the effect that it apparently” resembled a solid third place at the Chelsea Flower Show “), a 37 -year-old man who died on Christmas day in the next grave never had flowers.

So, you can probably guess where this is going 😛 TAGEND

After some time had extended, Matt eventually decided to do a Google search on the deceased man–wondering if that had some kind of connection. It turns out that they did not, but in doing so he also learned that the man murdered his wife and her parents on Christmas day, which is why no one ever left him buds, and then is suicide shortly after.

Eager to make amends, Matt found out where the victims were hidden so he could offer them blooms as kind of an apologetic, and it was there that he convened his future wife, who likewise happened to be there to bring blooms to the mausoleums of her relatives.

Part two of the story hops forward to several years later. Matt and his wife are now the parents of two children who want to visit Disneyland. Being that the trip would expenditure a good clod of money, he and his wife decided to build them” deserve it” with good behavior.

” Every hour they did something good, I’d add PS10 ,” he author.” Every time they were naughty, I’d take PS10 away. PS3, 000 and we’d go to Disneyland IMMEDIATELY so if they did ten good things a period without being naughty they could go in a month. Easy .”

Sure enough, their children became” perfect offsprings” and quickly neared their goal. But just as they were about to surprise the kids with the journey, fate is again intervened, this time in the form of a homeless male they met in a park.

He tried to explain to the children that it was a complicated issue but they were ” adamant” about helping the man. Since there was no refunding the trip at that point, he went back and imparted the man as much money as he could to stay in a hostel. They terminated up staying in touch, and the author invited “the mens” over on Christmas.

Part three of this story takes us back around to that same Christmas day. Matt starts off the narrative by writing about his family had lived next door to a couple, Lucy and Tim, until Tim abruptly passed away. He offered Lucy his condolences at the time and committed her his amount in case she ever needed anything.

She didn’t reach out to him for 18 months, and when she did–well, we’ll just let Matt clarify what happened next 😛 TAGEND

And then, fantastically, everything came round full circle. Lucy culminated up involved to John, the homeless man from the other part of the story.” Next year they’ll get married in the exact same village in which this story began ,” wrote @sixthformpoet.

Matt’s narrative has all along been been shared and liked tens of thousands of periods, and the consensus of people agree that the story would lend itself perfectly to a limited series or film.

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