Julia Louis-Dreyfus turns the air blue talking about ‘Veep’ and its impact on her, um, vocabulary

Anyone who’s ever watched an occurrence of Veep will know that it’s perfectly riddled with deliciously foul language.

And it is suggested that Selina Meyer’s love of swearing has scratched off on Julia Louis-Dreyfus in real life.

“We use really intensely foul language on Veep , there’s a lot of swearing and I’ve get quite used to that, ” Louis-Dreyfus told Seth Meyers. “I’ve gotten very used to using that expression and I have to check myself because most people, of course, aren’t used to that.

“So, I’m like, you are familiar, ‘Can I have some more of that motherfucking, cock-sucking maple syrup? ‘”

I reckon the air simply turned blue.

Read more: https :// mashable.com/ video/ julia-louis-dreyfus-veep-swearing /

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