What I’ll miss about ‘The Big Bang Theory,’ a problematic network titan

The Big Bang Theory culminates on Thursday after 12 ridiculed seasons. But don’t let its divisive nature clown you: More people watched the latest episode of the CBS sitcom live than did last week’s Game of Thrones .

It’s over because its biggest superstar no longer just wanted to do it. That initial notice was widely celebrated in certain parts of the internet;” our long collective nightmare is finally over ,” the Guardian wrote back in August.

Indeed the indicate never stimulated a distinct fandom, even when it could fill up the room at San Diego Comic-Con. The series finale snuck up on me and tributes seemed to have only started to trickle in over the past week.

My immense frustration with The Big Bang Theory can be summed up in a single season 2 episode. Penny–the only female character on the prove for several seasons who didn’t even have a surname until she married Leonard Hofstadter in the season 9 premiere–finally told off Howard after he’d expend the majority of members of the series to date sexually harassing her. She was then forced to apologize to a depressed Howard for hurting his feelings.

My dad enjoyed the shit out of it, though, and that’s leaving me conflicted about the end.

He started watching The Big Bang Theory right in the middle of its operate, approximately around the time that it made syndication. He wasn’t interested in being a completist( binge-watching wasn’t really his thing; he scarcely utilized the DVR ), but dedicated how often The Big Bang Theory moved on TV, he probably saw every occurrence that aired up to that point.

He added it to his short list of things he watched on Tv, which included material like CBS procedurals, Phillies plays, and the same few movies he’d seen dozens of times and even owned( but instead with commercials ). It drove me up the wall that the person who helped form my preference in pop culture, which included a mixture of World War II movies, Star Wars , and almost-inappropriate-for-children sitcoms like M* A* S* H and Seinfeld , liked a present I didn’t.

Sure, his taste in television, specially later in life, was not adventurous. Thanks to his habits of watching things more often than any reasonable person would, I’ve seen the first two Hobbit movies more occasions than I be able to count. But his Big Bang Theory kick irked me more than anything because I could never quite shake off the feeling that, although there is I knew that it was never actually the case, I was being laughed at by proxy.

Why was he laughing at a is demonstrating that perpetuated the worst kind of nerd gatekeeping? Whenever someone like Penny( and later Bernadette and Amy) took interest in something geeky that the male attributes were into, they had to prove themselves worthy to participate in it. While the specific characteristics largely grew beyond that attitude, some of the people who considered themselves in Sheldon, Leonard, Howard, and Raj even back in the show’s earlier seasons did not. Even when The Big Bang Theory expanded its cast so that it had more women working in the reveal and had the characters grow up and grow to the point where they were pairing up, is married, and started having kids, it could never get rid of its early reputation. On the other hand, he probably just thought it was funny.

Of course, my dad won’t get to watch the end of The Big Bang Theory . He died in 2015, shortly before the end of season 8, after a nearly two-year bout of colon cancer that felt far removed from the battle euphemisms we always use to describe it. No, at the end it seemed more like, to me at the least, that he was the last man standing against an entire army of undead creatures. During those last couple of years, The Big Bang Theory was a constant presence, and at that point, you is often used to tolerate it more. The prove was playing in his hospital room the day he died.

My dad never got to see Leonard and Penny get married, Howard and Bernadette having infants, or Sheldon and Amy’s marriage in a ceremony officiated by Mark Hamill. Yet I acquired myself occasionally continuing tabs on The Big Bang Theory and the other testifies he still watched, even though they are I didn’t quite follow “whats going on”( Person of Interest ) or I had fallen seasons behind( Elementary ). Even by hate-reading recaps of a indicate I did not like and had no interest in watching, there was a final loiter linkage I could establish without having to delve into my own grief.

The end of The Big Bang Theory arrives in the middle of a year where a lot of big belongings are Purposing As We Know It. Avengers: Endgame marks the end of the current era of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Game of Thrones is supposedly the last traditional watercooler reveal.

I love and appreciate the finality of on-screen finishes. Even if I don’t like what I’m seeing or reading in a piece of fiction, it’s comforting in that there is a light at the end of the storytelling tunnel. They’re rarely satisfying, both in fiction and real life, but at least we get to close the book.

But a tale that never terminates? That stresses me the fuck out, even to the point where I think about my own mortality. If I know that a tale just goes on forever without so much as a benchmark of tale arcs wrapping, I might hesitate to even start it.( As much as Star Wars develops beyond us, it will always sting that I’ll never reach the end of the galaxy .) With Game of Thrones also concluding the coming week, culminations have been on my intellect and The Big Bang Theory , with all of my complicated sensations about the see, has become a difficult goodbye for me to make.

I can at least regard the giant sitcom for actually presenting its attributes an intent. The people who genuinely desired the testify have the time to get closure and say goodbye; they might even like how it aims or find out if that broken elevator ever got secured. Sure, it might’ve taken Jim Parsons wish out of the see for it to have happened or the prove might’ve abode on for several years past its prime, but it at least got time to figure out where Sheldon, Leonard, Penny, Howard, Raj, Amy, and Bernadette were headed.

When you have an ever-expanding TV landscape where hundreds of depicts struggle to just stay on the air each year, that one final win lap–even on shows that might go out with a whimper instead of a bang–is a comforting luxury.

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