Beyonc’s New Film Homecoming Is Headed to Netflix

Happy Monday, formerly again, and welcome to another edition of The Monitor, WIRED &# x27; s roundup off the most difficult pop culture news. What &# x27; s shakin &# x27 ;? Well, for one, Beyonce made a cinema for Netflix. Likewise, there’s another Walking Dead spinoff on the way, and the Cowboy Bebop serial is staffing up. Giddyup!

Beyonce Is Coming to Netflix

Over the weekend, via a extremely cryptic tweet, Netflix announced that Beyonce &# x27; s now-iconic Coachella performance would be coming to the streaming service on April 17. The tweet didn &# x27; t include any footage or any further details, but a trailer that dropped today promises the special, called Homecoming: A Film By Beyonce , will be “interspersed with candid footage and interviews detailing the preparation and powerful intent behind her eyesight,[ the movie] retraces the emotional street from creative abstraction to cultural movement.” Netflix, the Beyhive thanks you.

Another Walking Dead Spin-Off Is Coming to AMC

Simply can &# x27; t get enough Walking Dead ? Luckily for you, AMC is attaining yet another spin-off of its zombie-tastic slam. The brand-new indicate doesn &# x27; t have a name yet, but it will be co-created by WD veteran Matt Negrete, who will likewise serve as showrunner. The network has ordered 10 chapters and says the series “will feature two young girl supporters and focus on the first generation to come of age in the cataclysm as we know it. Some is increasingly becoming heroes. Some is increasingly becoming scoundrels. In the end, all of them will be changed forever.” It &# x27; s scheduled to launch in 2020.

Netflix &# x27; s Cowboy Bebop Staffs Up

Netflix &# x27; s live-action reboot of the anime Cowboy Bebop is lining up a stellar cast. John Cho (< em> Star Trek ), Daniella Pineda (< em> Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom ), Alex Hassell (< em> Cold Mountain ), and Mustafa Shakir (< em> Luke Cage ) has already been joined the serial, according to Variety . Netflix picked up the bounty-hunter reveal for a 10 -episode be participating in November. No word yet on where reference is will make the streaming service.

Game of Thrones Gets a Hymn From The Weeknd, SZA, and Travis Scott

Finally, a surprising spin: The Weeknd, SZA, and Travis Scott are making a anthem for Game of Thrones . According to Pitchfork, the new carol will appear in the forthcoming final season and it was the Weeknd who delivered SZA and Scott on to the project. The track itself is expected to be released soon.

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