Stephen Colbert on Trump: ‘Our horror only makes him stronger’

Late-night hosts discussed the presidents desperate attempts to distance himself from his rallying bunches racist chant

Late-night hosts criticised Donald Trump’s desperate attempts to try to separate himself from a racist chant at one of his rallyings this week

Stephen Colbert:’ You inspired them, Wussolini’

On The Late Show, Stephen Colbert advocated his audience to” delight chant responsibly” before referencing the North Carolina rally that realise Trump advocates scream” Send her back” when the president mentioned congresswoman Ilhan Omar.

While many were outraged, Colbert likened Trump to” a man of pure vigour in Star Trek- our horror only establishes him stronger” before playing footage of Trump angrily saying he’s unable to remember all three of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s calls. Colbert joked that he’d rather stick with his friends: Mohammed bin Salman, Kim Jong-un and KFC.

Colbert added:” I never envisaged I’d say this, but these rallyings where a nationalist leader flogs people up into a racist hysterium might have a dark side .”

Trump has tried to distance himself from the chant. But Colbert isn’t letting him off the hook.” This is your party: you’re the bride at the white strength marriage .”

He continued:” If you’re gonna be a demagogue, at least grow a pair and take responsibility for what you invigorated them to chant, Wussolini. You established that gang. You’re like Dr Frankenstein saying:’ I didn’t strangle those villagers ‘.”

Trevor Noah:’ I don’t know what’s a worse lie’

On The Daily Show, Trevor Noah likewise focused in on Trump’s racist rallying and played footage of the president singling out each of the four congresswomen in the Squad who were all booed, apart from Ayanna Pressley.” On the one hand, I don’t want to get booed, and on the other hand, I don’t want to get left out if everything my other friends got booed and I didn’t ,” he joked.

The Daily Show (@ TheDailyShow)

Trump advocates chanting” send her back” about Ilhan Omar nearly constructs you miss the working day when all they wanted was to imprison a woman without trial. 3JfI9kykeo

July 19, 2019

In response to the” Send her back” chant, Noah said:” It virtually stirs you miss the innocent periods when all Trump’s crowd wanted to do was imprison a woman without experiment. At least Hillary would get to stay in “the two countries ” .”

He was also frustrated by Trump’s attempt to avoid any blame.” He invigorated the chant !” Noah said.

Trump has also claimed that he quickly stopped the crowd from echoing the chant. Noah said:” I don’t know what’s a worse lie: Trump saying he didn’t like the chant or that he promptly stopped the crowd from chanting .”

Noah then said ” Usain Bolt could have won a gold medal in that time” before showing that this is in fact correct by playing footage of Trump pausing at the same time as Bolt winning a sprint.

Seth Meyers:’ He’s a racist whose brain is mainly oatmeal’

On Late Night, Seth Meyers zeroed in on the same subject.” Trump isn’t some genius political chessmaster ,” Meyers said.” He’s a racist whose brain is primarily oatmeal and his mouth is attached to Fox News like some kind of human centipede. He’s a wannabe authoritarian who craves the adoration of mobs .”

Trump told the crowd he could stay with them all nighttime as he had nothing else to do.” It’s comforting be informed that Trump isn’t actually is everything ,” Meyers said.

In response to the chant, he said:” This is one of the most vile spectacles in modern political history, a defining moment for home countries, and any Republican who doesn’t immediately condemn it should imagine how it will look in a record textbook times from now .”

Meyers likewise testified footage of Trump awkwardly standing around while the chant was repeated.” That’s not how you stop a chant. That’s how you wait in line at the deli for them to call your number ,” he said.

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