Emilia Clarke Tries Her Hand At Stock Photography, And The Result Is So Funny The Internet Wants Her To Star In The Office

June 20, 2018

We covered some truly classic examples of stock photography recently, and it turns out that it isn’t only us that loves to poke fun at the weird and wonderful genre. Game Of Thrones star Emilia Clarke has shown that she can do comedy as well as her more dramatic roles, making a hilariously deadpan video for Vanity Fair about her ‘true calling’ of creating the perfect stock photos. Channeling her…


16 Jokes By Stephen Hawking That Still Make Us Laugh

March 20, 2018

In a documentary ‘Stephen Hawking: A Brief History of Mine’ the scientist stated that humor will always have a major role in their own lives as it helped him to overcome the degenerative engine neuron infection that he has been diagnosed with in 1963. Stephen Hawking has passed away on March 14 th, and everyone shared their homages to this honorary scientist. “The Simpsons” executive producer-writer Al Jean went on…


20+ Times People Had Genius Ideas That Are So Crazy They Might Actually Work

February 27, 2018

I mean, who thought that inserting people with a benign shape of infection to vaccinate them was a good idea at first? Or putting wings on a tube and attempting to hover in it? Absolute madness! Scroll down to check out the most recent batch of crazy ideas from the internet’s hive mind, and don’t forget to vote for your favourites! Pet storages should have an empty reptile cage labeled…


20+ Surprising Movie Details You Probably Never Noticed

February 14, 2018

To show you how scrupulous some makes are, Bored Panda has compiled an eye-opening roll of unbelievable movie details. From Interstellar’s cornfield to the Matrix’s doorknob, it’s no wonder why some cinemas take times and times to stimulate. Scroll down to check out images and let us know in the comments which entryway astounded you the most!


Giant Emotional Support Peacock Denied Seat On Flight, And Heres How Internet Reacts

February 7, 2018

Needless to say, it didn’t goes right. Despite being warned three times that Dexter the peacock would not be allowed to travel with her, conceptual artist Ventiko testified up at the airport anyway. Dexter was promptly turned away by United Airlines, but not before creating a spectacle in the airport and igniting a fierce debate about the merits of emotional support swine and people’s comprehended mistreat of the system that…


Boyfriend Surprises His Girlfriend By Drawing Her In 10 Different Cartoon Styles, And It Melts Her Heart

January 18, 2018

“We tend to invest the little sum of time together in the evenings making a nice dinner and watching some of our presents/ cartoons, ” Kellen told Bored Panda . “I’ve always had a huge those who are interested in cartoons/ anime and as we’ve been dating, she’s developing an interest of her own.” Most of these are cartoons the couple watch together a lot. “A few were styles I…


Teachers Classroom Riddle Gets An Answer From First Graders That He Does Not Expect

January 13, 2018

Teacher Bret Turner of Albany, California, decided to try and bamboozle his students with one of those annoyingly smug riddles, that despite its deep and existential wording actually has a boringly logical answer based on note placement and spelling. “It was a morning brain-teaser, ” Mr. Turner to present to Bored Panda . “It’s the first thing they see when they come into the classroom to get the gears churning…