25 Television Stars You COMPLETELY Forgot Were In Other Things

August 8, 2017

Do you ever watch a movie or TV show and think to yourself…where have I seen that actor before? Well then, this awesome list Buzzfeed compiled is absolutelyfor you. Here are where those twenty-five actors you can never place are and where they’veactually been from all along. …AND GETS ALL UP IN YOUR FACEBOOK


This Comic Posted His Daughters First Words, and Its Too Adorable To Handle!

July 31, 2017

omedian Michael McAvoy is a bit of a geek, so it’s no astound that some of his pop-culture savors would be inherited by his baby daughter. But so soon? Check out the amazingly cute clip below! McAvoy is a Tv producer, and a self-professed “geek, ” as you can see from a peek at his Twitter feed . As a TV Producer I rarely criticise Tv Reviewers but the Herald’s…


Sean Spicers Most Unforgettable White House FAILS

July 30, 2017

PICEY OUT! On the morning of July 21, The New York Times reportedthat Sean Spicer has officially resigned as White House Press Secretary. Apparently, he was so upset about President Trump’s appointment of Anthony Scaramucci, a financier from New York, as communications head, that he up and left the job he already hadn’t been doing for months. We is no more than rendered six quick months with Spicer behind the…