20 Underrated Performances Emmy Voters Shouldnt Ignore

June 24, 2019

It is, at this point, a laughable numbers game. Roughly 500 original scripted indicates have aired on Tv this past Emmys season, and yet “theres only” six or seven slots per category to reward the excellent evidences and musicians. How in the world do you choose? Emmy voters typically respond infuriatingly, returning to the same series and actors year after year, or flocking to predictably dark, angsty awardings bait with…


This new 3D printer makes objects appear out of nowhere

June 12, 2019

Image: Illustration: Bob Al-Greene/ Mashable Amazon has been conducting research that involves digital 3D “scans” of people’s figures in exchange for a $25 Amazon gift card. The e-commerce giant is currently carrying out the image survey at two different locations in New York City. Mashable became aware of the research program after a staff member was targeted with an advertisement on Instagram. The ad led to an online form where…


Jeff Bezos hollowed out a mountain to build a giant clock designed to run for 10 millennia

May 31, 2019

Real estate in brief: Flipping, remodeling and more Boston Agent Magazine Houses suitable for a flip can be in short supply these days, but services are sprouting up to find them using a unique business modeling. In a recent clause, The … Read more: Imagine if Alexa could investigate your thoughts . Image: amazon Amazon is at the forefront of selling speakers that listen to people’s conversations. Nonetheless, this rumored…


Startups Weekly: Will the Seattle tech scene ever reach its full potential?

May 30, 2019

I’m always astonished the Seattle startup ecosystem hasn’t grown to compete with the likes of Silicon Valley — or at least Boston and New York City — since the dot-com boom. Today, it’s the strongest it’s been due to the achievers of companies like the freshly minted unicorn Outreach, trucking business Convoy and, of course, the dog walking startup Rover. But the city still lags behind, failing to adopt the…


10 nerdy coloring books to soothe anxious fans

May 15, 2019

Television and movies are supposed to help us escape our stressful worlds, yet most of the time, they leave us chewing our thumbs off. We spend about one to three hours hoping our favorite personas don’t die. Then we spend one week to several years uneasily foreseeing the return, dissecting what will happen next and vigilantly eschewing major spoilers in the process. That’s some stress aid! To help soothe your…


From Sketch Comedy to BDSM, Netflix Burrows Into Every Niche It Can Find

May 4, 2019

The opening instants of I Remember You Should Leave With Tim Robinson come as little surprise to sketch devotees. An alum of Saturday Night Live and cocreator of Comedy Central’s under-appreciated Detroiters, Robinson specializes in characters “whos” Unable to Let Things Go, and here, that thing is a doorway: After nailing a job interview in a coffeehouse, he sought to pull the door open on his way out, merely for…


EC Weekly: Gaming, crypto, shipping and the multiple future strategies of tech

April 29, 2019

Niantic EC-1 Bryce Durbin/ TechCrunch Game streaming is rapidly becoming one of the largest strategic arenas for owning consumers, with offerings from all major tech and gaming companies. Devin Coldewey provided a comprehensive strategic overview of the bets involved this week, and why so much fund is being poured into a technology that til now seemed impossible due to bandwidth and latency. It’s like Super Smash Bros: Tech Melee publication…


Dash buttons suffer major blow in Amazon’s second largest market

February 1, 2019

Amazon's Dash buttons may be convenient, but a German court doesn't like them.Image: amazon Amazon’s Dash buttons are perhaps the company’s most overt effort to make you forget that buying something actually means handing over your hard-earned money. Now, someone is finally calling BS. A German court has ruled that the Dash buttons violate consumer protection laws, Reuters reports.  SEE ALSO: Jeff Bezos and Amazon are nearing a super-villain level…