This new 3D printer makes objects appear out of nowhere

June 12, 2019

Image: Illustration: Bob Al-Greene/ Mashable Amazon has been conducting research that involves digital 3D “scans” of people’s figures in exchange for a $25 Amazon gift card. The e-commerce giant is currently carrying out the image survey at two different locations in New York City. Mashable became aware of the research program after a staff member was targeted with an advertisement on Instagram. The ad led to an online form where…


Jeff Bezos hollowed out a mountain to build a giant clock designed to run for 10 millennia

May 31, 2019

Real estate in brief: Flipping, remodeling and more Boston Agent Magazine Houses suitable for a flip can be in short supply these days, but services are sprouting up to find them using a unique business modeling. In a recent clause, The … Read more: Imagine if Alexa could investigate your thoughts . Image: amazon Amazon is at the forefront of selling speakers that listen to people’s conversations. Nonetheless, this rumored…


4 tech tips to epically prank your friends on April Fools’ Day

April 19, 2019

Big tech companies continued the tradition of questionable April Fools jokes in 2019. Image: Chesnot/ Getty Images April is ultimately here, which means it’s hour for corporations to put impressive amounts of endeavour into lying for purposes of comedy. April Fools’ Day ever brought about by the best( or worst) in tech companies in particular, and the 2019 edition of the vacation was no different. This year, at least one…


Google Assistant inserts itself into classic movies in Oscars ads

February 27, 2019

Just as mobile phones would’ve saved a lot of hassle in Seinfeld , Google’s Assistant would’ve been a saviour in so many classic films. That’s the subject of the tech giant’s brand-new ad for its voice-activated assistant, which aired during the course of its 2019 Oscars on Sunday night. In the ads, Google Assistant steps in for HAL in 2001: A Space Odyssey , and helps Marion Crane avoid paying…


Dash buttons suffer major blow in Amazon’s second largest market

February 1, 2019

Amazon's Dash buttons may be convenient, but a German court doesn't like them.Image: amazon Amazon’s Dash buttons are perhaps the company’s most overt effort to make you forget that buying something actually means handing over your hard-earned money. Now, someone is finally calling BS. A German court has ruled that the Dash buttons violate consumer protection laws, Reuters reports.  SEE ALSO: Jeff Bezos and Amazon are nearing a super-villain level…


HBO’s Twitter account just burned Jack Dorsey, ‘Sopranos’ style

January 24, 2019

Ouch . Image: Hindustan Times/ getty Nothing brought about by a perfectly workshopped diss like a little cross-industry promotional opportunism. We were reminded of this fact on Jan. 10, when, in celebration of the 20 th anniversary of the present The Sopranos , the HBO Twitter account announces that it would dish out Sopranos-inspired names. And you better believe that Twitter CEO and “conversational health” guru Jack Dorsey wanted in…


Tech execs in Silicon Valley literally can’t dress themselves

October 15, 2018

This guy ! Image: Rob Latour/ REX/ Shutterstock The casual uniform of the millennial techie is a operating joke by now, but some are starting to swap in their t-shirts and worn jeans for actual adult clothes. Stylist Victoria Hitchcock told Vox what it’s like to overhaul the lives and styles of Silicon Valley’s rising employees- who literally can’t dress themselves- as they travel “from boys to men.” SEE ALSO:…


Netflix is testing ads between shows and people are pissed

September 2, 2018

Skip . Image: AYTAC UNAL/ ANADOLU AGENCY/ GETTY Say it ain’t so. The company that virtually single-handedly introduced us to binging video has apparently moved emphatically old-school with the latest innovation being tested on its platform. That’s right, Netflix is extending commercial-grades. SEE ALSO: Netflix has tons of veiled categories — here’s how to learn them So reports Cord Cutter News, which notes that the streaming giant is showing some…


MashTalk: The future of Microsoft Cortana

June 24, 2018

Image: MehaU Kulyk/ Getty Images/ Science Photo Library RM When Google wowed the tech world-wide with its demo of Duplex — the tech that enable us digital Assistant make phone calls to perform mundane assignments like booking haircuts or shaping restaurant reservations — Microsoft’s Cortana chief was impressed, but not worried. “The technologist in me had no choice but to feel impressed, ” Javier Soltero, Microsoft corporate vice president of…


This is what ‘once in a blue moon’ actually means

June 14, 2018

New Shepard on the launch pad the morning of Mission 8, April 29, 2018. Image: Blue Origin It looks like the billionaires’ race to colonize space will kick-off in two other direction. While SpaceX CEO Elon Musk dreamings of sending people to Mars as soon as 2024, Blue Origin CEO Jeff Bezos believes it’s more practical to start out on the moon. Chatting with GeekWire ‘s Alan Boyle at the…