Goodbye Veep: the nastiest, sweariest, funniest show on TV is over

May 16, 2019

Julia Louis-Dreyfus political antiheroine has shared her last-place insult, leaving and behind an audaciously meanspirited comedy that will stand the test of time In politics, the saying proceeds that everyone obsess Washington is as murderer as House of Card, and wants to believe it’s as nobly passed as The West Wing. And yet the closest to the truth of developments in the situation, to the idiocy and narcissism and vitriol…


She was our Michelle Obama: how Gilda Radner changed comedy for ever

May 11, 2019

The death of the SNL star 30 years ago robbed the industry of one its finest voices but not before “shes had” blazed a road for women such as Tina Fey to follow There is no shortage of excellent critical writing about the US comedy scene in the 80 s, and John Belushi, Eddie Murphy and Gilda Radner, one of the original casting members of SNL, alongside Chase, Belushi, Aykroyd…


Wine Country review Amy Poehler’s Netflix comedy is a drunken riot

May 9, 2019

The actor induces her directorial debut with a wine-soaked gem about a group of women trying to keep their friendship together during a weekend away Bemoaning the ever-decreasing quality of Saturday Night Live has become almost as much of an institution as actually watching Saturday Night Live, its current season so punishingly unfunny that it’s often hard to remember a occasion when that wasn’t the case. Reminders are usually embedded…


From Sketch Comedy to BDSM, Netflix Burrows Into Every Niche It Can Find

May 4, 2019

The opening instants of I Remember You Should Leave With Tim Robinson come as little surprise to sketch devotees. An alum of Saturday Night Live and cocreator of Comedy Central’s under-appreciated Detroiters, Robinson specializes in characters “whos” Unable to Let Things Go, and here, that thing is a doorway: After nailing a job interview in a coffeehouse, he sought to pull the door open on his way out, merely for…


Why Arrested Development Is Almost Certainly Over for Good

April 25, 2019

final season premiere on HBO on Sunday night. Now, it looks as though Tony Hale’s other large-hearted TV demonstrate, The Last-place Laugh podcast.” I would be very surprised .” ” Just story-wise, I don’t know how it would continue ,” he adds of the lane the show’s fifth season wrapped up on Netflix this past month.” But perhaps. Again, this business is so surprising. There are so many things that…


Netflix’s ‘Huge in France’ is yet another autobiographical sitcom about a difficult jerk

April 15, 2019

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before: a narcissistic middle-aged comedian comes to a philosophical forking in the road. His job is on the skids. The booze and the women don’t make him happy anymore. The household he has alienated is moving to eventually push him out of their lives for good. But, damn it, he just can’t stop being his dickish, egotistical self. Flaked, Louie, Californication, Curb Your…


Hail to the Veep: the best and most brutal comedy of the century

April 13, 2019

Over seven seasons, Veeps bipartisan skewering of the bozos of Beltway political culture has constructed it unimpeachably perfect. It will be missed As HBO’s Veep enters its seventh and final season, we should reflect on the maxim that everything working career end in omission. Selina Meyer’s career started with failure and “shes been” failing spectacularly ever since. When we firstly encountered her, in the series premiere in 2012, she had…


Shazam! review kid-friendly DC adventure is enjoyably old school

April 13, 2019

The traditionally dour cinematic universe is given a much-needed jolt of energy in a light-hearted yet overly long mash-up of Big and Superman If there’s one thing that DC’s cinematic macrocosm needs it’s better igniting. Or wait, on reflection, maybe it’s smarter scripts. Or hang on, perhaps it’s more coherent act scenes. Or actually, you know what, it’s the removal of Zack Snyder from every imaginable creative and technical level….


12 underrated Netflix comedy specials to watch tonight

April 11, 2019

Netflix has been pumping out standup specials from some big names, with large-hearted price tag attached. But there are plenty of specials that deserve some desire and attention that you might have overlooked. Here are some of the underrated Netflix comedy specials that you should watch now. 12 funny Netflix comedy specials you haven’t seen yet 1) Maria Bamford: Netflix —Watts’ standup is typically persona existential investigate, duty beat-making, but…


Eugene Mirman on the Most Personal Comedy Hes Ever Done

March 21, 2019

AUSTIN, Texas–Eugene Mirman was hanging out with some of his comedian pals one day when they started joking about starting a slapstick festival in his name. Over a decade afterwards, the Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival, which extended for 10 years at the Bell House in Brooklyn, is the subject of a brand-new documentary called It Started as a Joke . Mirman, best knows we