Anti-Trump op-ed prompts guessing game on author’s identity

September 17, 2018

Text of New York Times article is drawn apart in hunt for clues about identity of senior administration official who wrote it An he New York Times by an anonymous senior administration official claiming to be part of a “resistance” running “from within” to thwart Donald Trump’s” worst tendencies” set off a wild guessing game inside and outside the White House on the author’s identity. In an exceptional move, a…


This mafia style of government makes Trump a role model for all autocrats | Jonathan Freedland

September 2, 2018

Punishing commentators like John Brennan is part of the US presidents ongoing abuse of power and normalisation of autocracy, says the Guardian columnist Jonathan Freedland More than 18 months into his presidency, Donald Trump’s modus operandi- and the danger it represents- is clear. His working method is that of the mafia boss and gangland chieftain, daily wielding his ability to settle scores, teach lessons and crush dissent. Anyone who’s seen…


Defiant Donald Trump accuses Michael Cohen of making up hush money stories

August 23, 2018

Ex-fixer says Trump guided him to make payments and lawyer says Cohen is ready to tell all he knows about Russian interference Donald Trump has angrily complained his innocence after the criminal convictions of two associates plunged the White House deeper into turmoil. The US president hit back at his former solicitor and fixer Michael Cohen who, in Trump suffered twin setbacks on Tuesday when Cohen pleaded guilty in national…


Senior Republicans hesitate to criticise Trump after Manafort and Cohen verdicts

August 22, 2018

Paul Ryan and Lindsay Graham eschew mentioning chairman, while republican commentators lambasted Mueller Republican elected officials have hesitated to criticise Donald Trump after his former lawyer Michael Cohenconvicted on eight countsof fiscal crimes. In a statement, a spokesperson for Speaker Paul Ryan said:” We are aware of Mr Cohen’s guilty plea to these serious charges. We will need more information than is currently available at this level .” Senator Lindsey…


How the alt-right are resurfacing old tweets to get Trump’s critics fired

August 10, 2018

In the room of a week Dan Harmon, Trevor Noah and James Gunn have appreciated offensive jokes they attained in the past resurface It’s the kind of scandal that has become ubiquitous in the past few years: someone discloses an offensive social media post or problematic previous chip of employment from a public figure’s past. It commonly ends with a public apology, and often a firing. There have been at…


Im a woman about to turn 60: heres what Ive learned about life | Suzanne Moore

August 6, 2018

Never worry about what others think, as they will think it anyway, there is only one anti-ageing serum I would recommend and dont lie about how old you are What do ladies actually want? To be told:” Good on ya for that Nobel prize winner .” Too often, people seem to think it is,” You’ve lost weight ,” or,” You don’t appear your age”- which is just a space of…


‘Space force’: Trump orders new branch of US military

July 12, 2018

Trump asserts project will prevent US ahead in space race, motivating frights over militarisation of space Donald Trump said here on Monday he would direct the Pentagon to create a” space force-out” as a brand-new branch of the US military to shore up American dominance in space. Trump claimed that the design will ensure that America, which strategy a return to the moon Cameron Grant (@ coolghost1 01) Meanwhile …….


Ageing bulls: have Robert De Niros roles inspired Donald Trump?

June 15, 2018

They hate one another and are involved in a very public spat. But Trump is a huge follower of De Niros movies and the actor is also a real estate mogul, just like the US president Seconds out for Grudge Match 2: the ageing policeman versus the age-old pretender. It’s a trash-talking, fist-pumping, shadow-boxing spectacular featuring two rich alpha-males who dislike one another. Initially, these men appear to be worlds…