This Alternate Ending to Game of Thrones is the One We Deserved

June 4, 2019

Say what you will about the #GameOfThronesFinale, the John Hughes homage was a bold choice to end on. — Dan Olson (@FoldableHuman) May 20, 2019 The John Hughes homage was a bold choice indeed. Read more:


Sunscreen in Your Bloodstream, Googles Conference, and More News

May 29, 2019

Sunscreen chemicals are slipping through your pores, Google has big conference coming, and Game of Thrones made an "oopsie." Here's the news you need to know, in two minutes or less. PSA: Sunscreen chemicals can seep into your bloodstream A new clinical trial from the FDA suggests that, contrary to what sunscreen manufacturers have been saying, the UV blocking chemicals in sunscreen do, in fact, seep into your bloodstream. Don't…


Dragon fire and fury: Game of Thrones has turned on its bloodthirsty fans

May 27, 2019

With its latest emotionally eviscerating (and hideously naff) episode, the show held up a mirror to its audiences lust for violence and were all implicated In wrapping up in six, albeit lengthy episodes, a boy from a which already downed one dragon, would make for a more effective defence shield? Apparently not. As for Dany herself, her descent into dead-eyed vindictiveness has been too steep, in keeping with the general,…


Game of Thrones Is the Last Great Show to Bring Us Together

May 18, 2019

HBO wants to see you to know that it’s going to be just fine without Game of Thrones. They have, executives insist, tons of provoking new shows forthcoming that viewers will desire. There’s only a small chance the network will lose the entire population of King’s Landing in canceled subscriptions once someone is seated on the Iron Throne. They have plenty of programming and even a Game of Thrones prequel…


The Veep Series Finale Was Darker Than Game of Thrones

May 15, 2019

Sunday night exposed what happens when a woman’s craven desire for power drives her mad. By the end of the chapter on HBO, we were treated to the scorched earth to stay in her wake as she ultimately, as many had predicted–and some have feared–became the Mad Queen. Er, excuse me: the Mad President. (< em> Mad -ame President. Hey-o !) It’s perhaps by pure coincidence that so much of…


The new nerds: how Avengers and Game of Thrones made everyone geek out

May 11, 2019

Fans have followed and pored over the improbably long, detailed and complicated narratives of the Marvel Universe and the Westeros saga for a decade. Will we ever scale such elevations of geekdom again? In our speeded-up world, last weekend could be considered uneventful, but in one respect it will go down in human history. This was Peak-Geek Weekend- a moment of unprecedented, unrepeatable pop-cultural excitement- that was global in magnitude….


Top that! Game of Thrones pulls off the biggest spectacle in TV history

May 9, 2019

It may have required some intense squinting, but with this feature-length flurry of limbs, Game of Thrones is back to sticking them with the pointy end Warning: this article contains spoilers for season eight, episode three of Game of Thrones. Thwack! The time for talking is over. Here was the ultimate rebuttal to any complaints about the chat-heavy nostalgia-fest of this final seasons first two episodes, a clonking great feature-length…


Game of Thrones Season 8 Premier Triggers Multiple Fan Theories: Arya kills the Night King, The Night King is the Mad King, And Daenerys flips

April 29, 2019

Arya kills the Night King, The Night King is the Mad King reincarnated, Sansa Stark dies, Daenerys flips sides and joins forces with the undead so she can be with her beloved dragons forever and a fourth dragon will be born. These are just some of the many theories proliferating on social media as fans digest the with as many as 100 million viewers. Some of the plot predictions are…


Game of Thrones Recap: That’s What Death Is

April 25, 2019

For the past eight years, every episode of Game of Thrones has opened with an aerial tour of its vast world in clockwork miniature, following the exodus of its main characters as they journeyed to far-flung locales over continents and oceans. As the series winds down to its conclusion, most of those characters have either died or converged on a single point: Winterfell, the place where it all began and…


Was the Game of Thrones Pilot Actually Any Good?

April 21, 2019

It’s been almost eight years to the day since we were first warned that” winter is coming .” I’ll be honest: I didn’t take the alert very seriously. That’s because it’s been approximately seven years and six months, you check, since, irritated by hearing about eve of the final season premiere, I anticipated an interesting experiment was necessary to revisit that aviator and see how it comprises up. As objectively…