13 Workplace Comedies to Buckle Down With This Labor Day Weekend

September 14, 2018

There are two kinds of employees.( Three, if you count the individuals who traffic in binary generalizations .) You’ve got those who squeeze as much life because they can out of every moment they’re not stuck in country offices cubicle, and those who can’t defy checking/ responding to work emails and Slacks, even when they’re on vacation. Fortunately, both can find the humor in a great workplace TV comedy–whether it’s…


Can Matthew Weiner turn The Romanoffs into a Mad Men-sized hit?

August 17, 2018

The show-runners costly follow-up boasts a sterling cast and a fascinating premise but carries considerable baggage Three years after Mad Men concluded its extraordinary eight-year run with a linen-clad Don Draper meditating on a hilltop, the showrunner Matthew Weiner is back with his highly anticipated follow-up. Earlier this week, Amazon dropped the second teaser for The Romanoffs, an ambitious, expensive episodic anthology series following various families who believe themselves to…


This ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ scene was too much even for star Joseph Fiennes

August 13, 2018

Image: hulu The Handmaid’s Tale doesn’t shy away from physical or sexual violence, but one Season 2 scene was too much for actor Joseph Fiennes. Fiennes spoke to Entertainment Weekly about a cut scene in which his character, Commander Fred Waterford, rapes his wife right after a hostile interaction in Canada. SEE ALSO: Breaking down everything that happened in that shocking ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ Season 2 finale “In episode 9, we…


Summer TV: The 30 Most Exciting New Shows

May 30, 2018

This summer, the chicest new sunscreen on the market is a Netflix subscription. Of track, there are necessary accoutrements to the UV ray-shielding regimen: an Amazon subscription, Hulu account, YouTube premium access, a full cable packet, a DVR, and enough hours in the day to maintain them all. With the idea of a traditional fall-to-spring Tv season GLOW , Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt , The Affair , and more, there are…


Hulu’s Political Dramas Are Winning the Streaming Game

March 27, 2018

Last September, Hulu became the first streaming service to win the Emmy for Outstanding Drama when its original serial Handmaid’s Tale bested traditional system heavy-hitters like Westworld, Better Call Saul, and This Is Us. When it won, it seemed to be in part because it was the right display at the right time: the dystopic tale about women’s roles in the near future premiered just a few weeks after the…


Hulu reached more than 17M subscribers and $1B in ad revenue last year

January 30, 2018

Every day, companies and buyers around the world transmit more than $76 billion in pays through an extensive network of banks. Without the flow of money, container ships stay in port, proletarians don’t get paid, and supplying chains break down. For the past six years, Ripple, a tech corporation in San Francisco, has vowed to use the blockchain wizardry behind Bitcoin to rewire this world circulatory system with what it…


Here are our favorite new 2017 shows

January 14, 2018

Image: mashable composite/ netflix/ hulu/ fx There’s enough new TV to make a longtime fan wishes to curl up and hiding place until they revitalize The Office , but most of us choose to soldier on and investigate these abundant brand-new frontiers. 2017 was a year of much-buzzed new television- can these depicts maintain their promise in the new year and their second seasons? We’ll have to wait and see….


8 perfect TV holiday episodes to watch this Christmas

December 31, 2017

extreme same Image: nbc No holiday this century would be complete without a carefully curated index of television episodes. Because there is literally more Tv than is humanly survivable, we limited our roster to eight personal fave selects and a relative mixture of old and brand-new that complement each other. Just don’t overthink it- it’s Christmas! Also- not an occurrence so it doesn’t count- do yourself a kindnes and is…


What the Disney-Fox deal means for the future of Hulu

December 26, 2017

While the world still processes Disney’s big expend to acquire the majority of 21 st Century Fox and all the franchises it maintains, there are a few other important notes from the acquisition to investigate. Most notably, what, if anything, is now time happens to Hulu? SEE ALSO: What’s next for ‘The Simpsons’ after years of mocking their new owner Disney ? Hulu isn’t the biggest part of this bargain,…


Here’s what’s coming to Hulu in January 2018

December 23, 2017

Image: Moviestore/ REX/ Shutterstock Happy New Year to everyone, especially streaming services. Celebrate the new year with Hulu’s brand-new storage of movies, as well as Tv displays returning after the winter breaking. Here’s what’s coming to Hulu in January. SEE ALSO: What’s coming to Netflix in January Top pick: A Parent Trap double feature Image: mashable composite/ buena vista Start your time with Hayley Mills and Hayley Mills or Lindsay…