What Seinfeld can teach us about science

July 22, 2019

From micro pigs to the doping dangers of a poppy seed bagel, life may be imitating the US sitcom When Jerry Seinfeld UK1981 HBO debut, he said of weather forecasts:” And then my favourite component, the planet photo. This is really helpful. A photo of the Earth from 10,000 kilometers away. Can you tell if you should take a sweater or not from that shoot ?” His eponymous 90 s…


Hannah Gadsby and Jerry Seinfeld bring very different comedy philosophies to Netflix

July 30, 2018

( CNN) Netflix has followed in HBO’s paces by endowing heavily in stand-up comedy. And as a sign of what a big tent that discipline represents, one would be hard-pressed to find a more striking philosophical separate than Jerry Seinfeld — who’s back with his breezy serial “Comedian in Cars Getting Coffee” — and Hannah Gadsby, whose scathing one-woman depict topics the very nature of the stand-up craft.