You can track everything: the parents who digitise their babies lives

March 11, 2019

Socks that record heart rate and cots that mimic the womb might promise parents peace of mind but is the data given to tech firms a fair exchange? You don’t need to spend much time in the presence of a small child and an iPhone to feel a little embarrassed. One-year-olds hypnotised by creepy Baby Shark ephemera on YouTube; two-year-olds who can swipe before they can talk; my own five-year-old…


Face time: is makeup for men the next big beauty trend?

October 21, 2018

Tom Ford and Chanel have launched male cosmetics, and foundation is the norm on TV shows from Love Island to Bodyguard. But does a bit of eyeliner work for everyone? One writer put it to the test Im looking at the man in the mirror. And he looks great, to be honest. Its how I feel I should look, when I am at my most optimistic. Theres a smooth sheen…


Mary Steenburgen: ‘We have ugly words for successful female actors’

October 18, 2018

The star on industry prejudice, female friendship and why ageing is so appealing The Help (2011) as much as she is for her early Oscar (for Melvin and Howard, in 1980). Despite her friendship with Hillary Clinton and her longstanding support for civil rights (she once said of Arkansas: Growing up someplace like that, you either become committed toward bigotry or against it. You cant really sit on the fence),…


Karl Ove Knausgaard: I dont know why more people don’t read Mein Kampf

September 30, 2018

There is no chance that anyone could become a Nazi by speaking that book, says the Norwegian author who discusses his autobiographical novels, his love of schnitzel and Liverpool FC For anyone who has read all or part of the six volumes of Karl Ove Knausgaard’s autobiographical novel Fischer’s, Chris Corbin and Jeremy King’s fantastic Viennese cafe on London’s Marylebone High Street, designed in 1920 s style, established four years…


We will get regular body upgrades: what will humans look like in 100 years?

September 24, 2018

Mechanical exoskeletons, bionic limbs, uploadable brains: six experts visions of 2118 Predicting the future is a fools game at the best of times. Right now its madness so much is up in the air technologically, politically, economically, ecologically and spiritually, it seems as likely well be shivering in caves as enjoying our new bionic exoskeletons by 2118. For all the talk of humans living longer, life expectancy has flatlined in…


‘It’s hidden history’: the race to save one man’s black Americana

September 18, 2018

From a slaves collar to segregation signs, Oran Z has expended times compiling often scandalizing mementoes of Americas racial battles. Now everything there is lies in shipping receptacles and no establishment will touch it Oran Z’s house is so crammed with black American memorabilia there is barely chamber to move. The hallways are lined with glass-fronted showing cabinets and plastic storage containers filled with everything from slave shackles to the…


How close is a cure for baldness?

September 6, 2018

For as long as men have been going bald-pated, weve been trying to keep their fuzz on. Now, scientists are finally getting to the root of the problem. By Richard Godwin Larry David was once asks what he was most proud of in life. “That’s easy,” the creator of Curb Your Enthusiasm responded,” it would be the lane I’ve adjusted to baldness .” He reasoned that in a world where…


Ezra Pound wrote the worlds single greatest poem, but is it wrong to love a fascist? | Ash Sarkar

August 14, 2018

The poet is just one of my problematic faves, along with The Simpsons and Vybz Kartel Nothing in this life is certain aside from fatality, taxes and English literature graduates writing in the Guardian and bungling your enjoyment of things you had previously thought were penalty. While Your Fave Is Problematic catalogued a few examples of transphobic, misogynist and white-supremacist behaviour from supposedly liberal heroes( RuPaul use the slur “tranny”,…


Im a woman about to turn 60: heres what Ive learned about life | Suzanne Moore

August 6, 2018

Never worry about what others think, as they will think it anyway, there is only one anti-ageing serum I would recommend and dont lie about how old you are What do ladies actually want? To be told:” Good on ya for that Nobel prize winner .” Too often, people seem to think it is,” You’ve lost weight ,” or,” You don’t appear your age”- which is just a space of…


I felt colossally naive: the backlash against the birth control app

July 27, 2018

Natural Cycles was hailed as a stress-free, hormone-free contraceptive. Then wives began reporting unwanted pregnancies Last summer I had an abortion. Statistically unremarkable, yes, but mine wasn’t because of a divide condom or a missed pill. I was four months into a tense relation with a Natural Cycles. I had spent my 20 s on the pill, but detested not knowing whether my emotional state was down to artificial hormones…