Storyboards, Marvel’s Parts Unknown, Is Coming to Disney+

July 18, 2019

Ever since Disney announced its forthcoming streaming service, Disney +, there’s been a question in the back of comic book fans’ minds: What about Marvel? There’s been talk of stand-alone evidences for Loki, Wanda Maximoff, and Hawkeye; an animated serial based on the Marvel’s What If …? comics is likewise in the works. Yet those depicts are expected to be a year or two away. Today, Marvel is finally revealing…


Farewell, Jessica Jones: the last woman standing in the Marvel-Netflix era

June 28, 2019

With Marvels owner, Disney, preparing its own streaming service, Netflix is throwing in the towel. But Krysten Ritters street-level superhero ever did know how to have the last word Marvel’s sprawling legion of big-screen heroes managed to bounce back from not been so lucky. Netflix’s experimentation with Marvel characters demises today with the launch of the third and final season of Jessica Jones, the hard-living private eye played by Krysten…


Alternate Endgame: what got cut from the Avengers finale?

May 14, 2019

The record-breaking Marvel blockbuster may have sprawled over 182 minutes but still, there were key minutes that didnt make the cut With Avengers: Endgame ending its third weekend of world domination with its self-imposed” vigorously denying early guesses that it would be called Endgame. Another favorite guess was Avengers: Infinity Gauntlet- a direct acceptance of the original comic book series from which the story takes the bulk of its inspiration….


The new nerds: how Avengers and Game of Thrones made everyone geek out

May 11, 2019

Fans have followed and pored over the improbably long, detailed and complicated narratives of the Marvel Universe and the Westeros saga for a decade. Will we ever scale such elevations of geekdom again? In our speeded-up world, last weekend could be considered uneventful, but in one respect it will go down in human history. This was Peak-Geek Weekend- a moment of unprecedented, unrepeatable pop-cultural excitement- that was global in magnitude….


Here’s How Disney+ Will Take Over the World

April 29, 2019

Details firstly: Disney has finally revealed that its long-discussed Netflix-rival streaming service, Disney +, will launch November 12. For a scant $6.99 a month it will provide you with nearly the entire Disneyome, a corpus of several hundred movies( all of Disney, most of Marvel with more to come, nearly all of Pixar, all of Star Wars, lots of Fox–which Disney recently bought) and even more the thousands of TV…


Avengers: Endgame who survived Thanos’ finger-click? Discuss with spoilers

April 27, 2019

Weve ultimately learned who shaped it out alive and the line weve all were ready for. But was the final instalment really as satisfying as the reviewers said? It doesn’t matter if you enjoy or loathe superhero movies. The Marvel experimentation, with its enormous tentpoles of interlocking narratives predominating the international liberate docket, has altered cinema forever. Naysayers may consider it a stranglehold, but devotees celebrate the predominance of this…


Artist Illustrates What The Pets Of Famous Characters Would Look Like (8 Pics)

March 27, 2019

Aleksei Vinogradov is a Russian freelance digital artist who shares his the competences and flair with 120 k followers on Instagram. His alluring artistic contact, masterful apply of pastels and subtle brushing strokes make lively portraits full of persona and attract the attention of art admirers from around the world. His beautiful runs are achieved mainly with the help of Procreate app and a tablet. He studied Costume Design at…


Superheroes and freaky cats: how Captain Marvel rewrote the rules

March 24, 2019

From the tale behind Nick Furys eyepatch to the reclamation of the Skrull, the latest Marvel film has altered comic-book canon in fruitful ways If there’s one thing we should have been primed for, prior to starting viewing Captain Marvel, it would be to expect the unexpected. Marvel is a studio that, time and again, has chosen to twist comic-book canon to dres brand-new requires, rather than deliver overly faithful…


Netflix just canceled ‘Jessica Jones’ and ‘The Punisher’

February 26, 2019

It’s over . Image: Marvel Marvel’s The Punisher and Jessica Jones are getting axed. Don’t freak out, Jessica Jones devotees — the third season of the depict will still be streamed. But the relations between Netflix and Marvel looks like it’s over. The two struck a deal in 2013 that involved four serial based on Marvel attributes, as well as The Defenders . SEE ALSO: ‘Punisher’ deserves this much than…