Superheroes and freaky cats: how Captain Marvel rewrote the rules

March 24, 2019

From the tale behind Nick Furys eyepatch to the reclamation of the Skrull, the latest Marvel film has altered comic-book canon in fruitful ways If there’s one thing we should have been primed for, prior to starting viewing Captain Marvel, it would be to expect the unexpected. Marvel is a studio that, time and again, has chosen to twist comic-book canon to dres brand-new requires, rather than deliver overly faithful…


Netflix just canceled ‘Jessica Jones’ and ‘The Punisher’

February 26, 2019

It’s over . Image: Marvel Marvel’s The Punisher and Jessica Jones are getting axed. Don’t freak out, Jessica Jones devotees — the third season of the depict will still be streamed. But the relations between Netflix and Marvel looks like it’s over. The two struck a deal in 2013 that involved four serial based on Marvel attributes, as well as The Defenders . SEE ALSO: ‘Punisher’ deserves this much than…


Hulu greenlights Howard the Duck and three other animated Marvel shows

February 14, 2019

Four new enlivened Marvel serial, plus a crossover special, are coming to Hulu. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Hulu has greenlit “MODOK,” ” Hit-Monkey ,”” Tigra& Dazzler Show” and” Howard the Duck .” The characters will then come together in a special named” The Offenders .” These aren’t precisely -Alist, or even B-list, Marvel personas. Howard the Duck( created by Steve Gerber) is likely the best-known — primarily for starring…


‘Punisher’ Season 2 is punishing in all the wrong ways: Review

February 6, 2019

Marvel’s The Punisher Image: Cara Howe/ Netflix In a sea of heroic do-gooders, Punisher was a welcome advent onto the Marvel scene. While surely nowhere near as evocative and poignant as Jessica Jones Season 1, his 2017 solo preface into the Netflix-Marvel pantheon evidenced promise. The moral complexity of his persona added some much-needed shades of grey to the usual black-and-white good guy superheroes versus bad people. SEE ALSO: ‘Daredevil’…


34 Hilarious Photos Showing How Much Marvel Superheroes Changed In 10 Years

January 29, 2019

This week alone we’ve got to see hundreds of photos under the ‘#10yearchallenge’ hashtag, starting from some hilarious memes from all across the internet. And while it seems that that pool’s been drained, there are still some hidden gems waiting to be picked up. One of them, the undeniable icon of our pop culture, Marvel universe, is another excellent source of entertainment. If heroes from that world had social media…


Artists honor late Stan Lee with stunning Marvel-inspired portraits

November 26, 2018

Image: bob al-greene/ mashable The death of Stan Lee, age 95, has been felt by many, but the loss has was especially profound for the many fans-turned-artists who were inspired by Lee’s famed career. In the wake of Lee’s passing, as tones of honor and recollection have inundated social media, stunning likeness of the renowned comic-book columnist have stood out. Many of the tributes are accompanied by short anecdotes mentioning…


Every Stan Lee Cameo (1989 2018)

November 18, 2018

According to the comments on YouTube, this compilation may have missed a few cameos and a got a couple of the dates of the films are incorrect, but this is still the most comprehensive compiling I could find online( up to and including Thor: Ragnarok ). Sadly, the legendary comic book founder passed away on November 12, 2018. In partnerships with several artists a particularly Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko…


‘Daredevil’ Season 3 trailer has some serious ‘Dark Knight’ vibes

October 9, 2018

A wise man in a comic book movie formerly said: “You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.” Marvel’s Daredevil is devoting us the latter in Season 3, but not as expected. SEE ALSO: Marvel’s ‘Daredevil’ returns in new Season 3 teaser , now with extra demon In the first official for Season 3, Wilson Fisk( Vincent D’Onofrio) is out of prison,…


‘Daredevil’ Season 3 teaser sees Matt Murdoch embracing his demons: Watch

September 15, 2018

It’s hard to believe, but it’s been two long years since Daredevil Season 2 premiered. And by the searches of the teaser for Season 3, he’s coming back here with a vengeance. Sure, we got glimpses of the cloaked hero in The Defenders, Jessica Jones , and even Iron Fist . But we’re ready for Matt Murdoch’s tortured Catholic soul to take centre stage again. Returning to the confessional where…


There should be more superhero movies like ‘Ant-Man’

July 24, 2018

Image: movie frame/ wonder/ disney We’re in the peak age of superhero movies and superhero movie tirednes . Ant-Man and the Wasp is a welcome change of gait, just as Ant-Man was in 2015. Despite budget and scale, these movies work best with streamlined stories, astute attributes, and a story that doesn’t will vary depending on superpowers and VFX. SEE ALSO: Who’s who in ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp’ The reason…