Game of Thrones Final Season Backlash Hasnt Stopped Plans for Amazing Prequel, Says HBO

July 26, 2019

Its only been two months since prequel starring Naomi Wattshas wrapped in Belfast, and the footage is amazing. There still is no news on whenor, while its hard to imagine otherwise, ifthe series will air. But backlash to the final season of Thrones hasnt affected any plans for future Thrones content going forward. (Although he would not offer any updates on other rumored spin-offs.) Details have been slowly trickling out…


Big stars, little interest: when movie heavyweights fizzle on TV

June 22, 2018

Kevin Costners big budget soap Yellowstone has been savaged by critics and hes not the only -Alister who has fought on the small screen It’s too early to tell whether Paramount Network’s new Yellowstone series will be a hit, but examines haven’t precisely been kind in so far. The New Yorker called it ” a big sprawling mess “. The Guardian imparted it Photograph: Alison Cohen Rosa/ Netflix It wasn’t…