13 TV shows on Netflix you should watch right now

dishes out more than we can keep up with, but let’s not forget about the non-original TV shows you can discover. Shows like The Office and Friends got a major viewership increase from being on the platform and ranked among, but eventually, they’ll as new streaming services can be taken their licensed titles. The upside: “Theres a lot” of newer , non-original TV proves on Netflix that you can get into right now.

Here are some of the best TV proves on Netflix you need to see.

The best TV presents on Netflix in 2019

1) Halt and Catch Fire


In the wake of Game of Thrones‘ finale and the conversation around it, this AMC drama was held up as one series that actually did end well. Across four seasons, Halt and Catch Fire told the story of how four peopleengineer Gordon( Scoot McNairy ), his wife and fellow engineer Donna( Kerry Bishe ), programmer Cameron( Mackenzie Howe ), and pitching male Joe( Lee Pace) shaped the landscape of personal computing and gaming in the’ 80 s and’ 90 s. More than that, the demonstrate took special care to show human connections( and betrayals) and the role of women in tech and gaming, while foreshadowing some of the dark corners of the online experience. Audra Schroeder

2) Crazy Ex-Girlfriend


The joy of watching Crazy Ex-Girlfriend comes not only from its funny musical amounts but its irreverent bucking of rom-com conventions. The show’s commitment to its broken characters, headlined by the effervescent Rachel Bloom, is one of its strengths. The prove never makes them an easy way out and never forgets their humanity. It induces the emotional instants resonate and keeps the comedy sharp. It’s an idiosyncratic depict destined to be loved by a small, passionate devotee base. Join the chorus. — Eddie Strait

3) Schitt’s Creek


Yes, Catherine O’Hara is one of the best and biggest reasons to watch this sitcom, but the ensemble cast provides its footing. Co-creators Dan and Eugene Levy( who play-act son and father-god in the show as well) have created a truly funny, sweet, and reverberating serial about a family that loses its status and wealth and has to live in the titular town it bought as an afterthought. After it landed on Netflix its fandom only developed, and across five seasons, the Rose family has evolved from materialistic snobs to( moderately) empathetic inhabitants of Schitt’s Creek. Schittheads coalesce. A.S.

4) Happy!


A TV show starring Christopher Meloni as a smashed detective, stalked by an imaginary flying unicorn voiced by Patton Oswalt, doesn’t seem like it would carry, but son, does it. Adapted from Grant Morrison and Darick Robertson’s comic serial of the same name, Syfy’s Happy! sketches out a dark timeline in which Meloni’s detective-turned-hitman Nick Sax has to track down a young girl who’s been kidnapped by a deranged Santa, with abundance of one-liners and bloody encounters along the way. This is bizarro-world Law& Order. A.S.

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