HBO’s Twitter account just burned Jack Dorsey, ‘Sopranos’ style

Ouch .

Image: Hindustan Times/ getty

Nothing brought about by a perfectly workshopped diss like a little cross-industry promotional opportunism.

We were reminded of this fact on Jan. 10, when, in celebration of the 20 th anniversary of the present The Sopranos , the HBO Twitter account announces that it would dish out Sopranos-inspired names. And you better believe that Twitter CEO and “conversational health” guru Jack Dorsey wanted in on the fun.

“In honor of the 20 th anniversary of The Sopranos , I’m handing out Soprano nicknames today, ” spoke the tweet from HBO’s primary report. “Who wants one? FYI if you tell me your first name, this is lane easier for me.”

Dorsey responded with an emoji of person or persons raising his right arm, and the word “jack.”

HBO was apparently happy to oblige, and made the man who was most recently accused of some pretty serious Myanmar-related ignorance with a name all his own.

World, meet “Jackie No Edits.”

The nickname references the misguided desire of misinformed people to force Twitter to implement an edit button. This is a bad idea, but an OK burn as far as scorches go.

Dorsey, for his part, rapidly changed his profile epithet to “jackie no edits.” And thus, the corporate round was accomplish, and we could all going to go to our peaceful online lives.

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