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Linda Cardellini and Christina Applegate in’ Dead to Me ‘.

Image: Saeed Adyani/ Netflix

The espousing its consideration of this Netflix’s Dead to Me is spoiler-free .

Dead to Me gets the job done.

No, it isn’t < em> the best TV around. But if you’re looking to be entertained this weekend( without catching up on Thrones or heading to the movie theater ), then this low-commitment, big-hearted payoff Netflix debut is for you.

Created by theuber-talented Liz Feldman, Dead to Me begins its 10 -episode journey at a grief assistance group in Southern California. There we gratify Jen( Christina Applegate ), a buttoned-up mother and real estate agent, struggling with the recent death of her husband.

Enter Jen’s polar opposite, Judy( Linda Cardellini ). Also grieving the loss of a partner, Judy is an optimistic, spiritually-attuned bohemian attempting connection in the wake of misfortune.

The pair meet over grief group coffee, defining the stage for a life-after-loss tragicomedy. Leaning over glossy marble countertops with long-stemmed glass of red wine in hand, the two women spend a good glob of the first chapter humorously indicating on is dealing with the sudden death of a loved one and waxing lyrical about their families’ futures.

Then, things get Hollaback Girl-style B–AN–AN–AS.

Then, things get Hollaback Girl-style B–AN–AN–AS.

At simply 30 minutes a pop, each occurrence of Dead to Me Season 1 is jam-pack with more twists and turns than a daytime soap.

Lies are told. Trust is shattered. James Marsden shows up looking like a blue-eyed snack. It’s an obsession-worthy delight that will have you eating out of its skillfully misleading hand in minutes.

Feldman knows how to turn a joke, bring the drama, and leave you slack-jawed, often demonstrating all three of those abilities in a single, perfectly rendered panorama. Applegate, Cardellini, and Marsden deliver their varied performances with jack-of-all-trades mastery, murdering the bizarre substance they’ve been given with marked reality.

Applegate, in particular, portrays Jen with the kind of believability that is often reserved for award-season ringers. It’s reason enough to watch the whole series.( We’d tell you more about it, but her complex performance is absolutely critical to the show’s secretive plot. Buckle up .)

As the depict goes on, the central fun and primary performances remain strong, but the story’s inherent messiness becomes more profound. Plot levels get slippery, personas lose all touch with reality, and the “Where are we going with this? ” vibes border on incoherent.

Whether that’s because Dead to Me bit off more than it could chewing or just lost track of its original strategy is unclear. Luckily, it’s still fun, and the story’s longterm viability won’t hinder you from enjoying it.

Season 2 or no, Dead to Me is a good time that questions very little of its viewers. You needn’t strain yourself keeping track of details, or obsess over unanswered questions. Only press play-act, sit back, and enjoy whatever this grade-A bonkers universe wants to throw at you.

After that? Well, it can be dead to you. (< em> Wink .)

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