What are all these ‘Game of Thrones’ fans supposed to do now?

July 25, 2019

to the astound of some viewersGame of Thronesseries finale was polarizing for a multitude of reasons, from where some characters’ passages took them to how they were written. Game of Thrones questionThronesWhat comes next after you barrel your behavior through a binge-watch? What do we do with ourselves after a beloved evidence, or a movie dealership, or volume series that we’ve been immersed with for years is finally over? In…


Always Be My Maybe review another middling Netflix romantic comedy

June 2, 2019

Ali Wong and Randall Park cant spin enough charm from a flat-looking regurgitation of a formula we know all too well Our collective thirst for the liberate of a genuinely great romantic comedy has led to us looking back as well as forward, rewatching the classics ad nauseam, waiting impatiently for a worthy brand-new addition. Those canny folks over at Netflix have been establishing tone and as a result, they…


Here are all the Netflix originals coming in May

May 11, 2019

has stirred great strides in beefing up its library of original content, and this month welcomes more Netflix originals than any month in recent memory. From hard-hitting documentaries to irreverent comedies to children’s TV indicates, these Netflix original movies and serials will prevent readers busy for a very long time. See our top recommendations along with the full list of Netflix originals coming this month.( And if you want more…


Wine Country review Amy Poehler’s Netflix comedy is a drunken riot

May 9, 2019

The actor induces her directorial debut with a wine-soaked gem about a group of women trying to keep their friendship together during a weekend away Bemoaning the ever-decreasing quality of Saturday Night Live has become almost as much of an institution as actually watching Saturday Night Live, its current season so punishingly unfunny that it’s often hard to remember a occasion when that wasn’t the case. Reminders are usually embedded…


Disney movies could earn up to 50 percent of summer ticket sales

May 7, 2019

Maia Mitchell and KJ Apa star in Netflix’s’ The Last Summer ‘. Image: courtesy of netflix The following its consideration of The Last-place Summer is spoiler-free . From Sex Education to American Vandal , Netflixknows how to slay a Gen-Z narrative. So, what’s up with The Last Summer ? Out now, the brand-new teen rom-com has all the bones of a decent high school drama. Teeming with emerging Hollywood stars…


Netflix flexes viewership numbers for The Umbrella Academy, its biggest 2019 hit

May 1, 2019

If Netflix‘s recently released first quarter viewership amounts are to be believed, Ben Affleck’s Triple Frontier, superhero serial The Umbrella Academy, and the Kevin Costner-starring The Highwaymen are its biggest smashes for Q1 2019. The same quarterly submit reports to shareholders revealed that the streaming monster now has over 148 million customers globally, more than 60 million of whom are in the U.S. According to the streaming giant, the robbery…


Netflix added 9.6M subscribers in Q1, with revenue of $4.5B

April 19, 2019

Netflix just released its earnings note for the first quarter of 2019. The company says it considered rise of 9.6 million paying readers, up 16 percentage year-over-year. That’s significantly ahead of the 8.9 million brand-new customers that analysts had predicted. On financing of the side, the quarter came in right at expectations, with revenue of $4.5 billion and earnings per share of 76 cents. Netflix says it now has 148.9…