1 moment in the new ‘Captain Marvel’ trailer is really freaking people out

Marvel simply released the long-awaited trailer for its upcoming Captain Marvel movie, which introduces Brie Larson into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

And one particular detail in the trailer is get a heap of attention.

The scene where Larson’s character, Carol Danvers( aka Captain Marvel ), punches an innocent-looking old lady privilege in the face has get people scratching their managers.

Because Captain Marvel is one of the good guys, right?

People were really confused by what they were realise.

Some were really into that particular incident, though.

There is, of course, an explanation for why a Marvel hero would punch an old lady- though it contains a small spoiler, so get off the go here if you prefer to keep your Captain Marvel experience completely unspoiled.

The explanation is this: one of the rascals in the movie is likely to be has become a shape-shifting being known as a “Skrull”. This would signify the innocent old lady in that clip isn’t truly as innocent as she seems.

We knew Brie would never do something like that.

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