Let this robot finger do all the work for you

Not the nut button meme
Image: LoveSync/ Kickstarter

Since the sunrise of time, people who aren’t awful have been using words to ask other people to have sex with them. What if “weve been able” do away with all that and press a fuck button instead?

A would-be product called LoveSync, which is mid-Kickstarter campaign at the moment, am willing to do simply that. Basically, it’s two buttons — one for you and one for your partner — that you are able to press whenever you’re very interested in having sexuality. If your collaborator is also well pressed their button, you’ll both be notified with a “swirling glow.”Then you just have sex, I guess?

The supposed advantage of LoveSync, according to LoveSync, is that it creates a sex environ with “no rejection, guilt, or missed opportunities.” Since you’ll get a clear answer from your spouse, it posits, you won’t ever feel bad about mixed signals, differences in libido, or any of the other stressors that are part of being a sex person.

Of course, this is very bad. If you are not motivated enough to initiate sexuality, you should not be having sexuality, and gamifying approval is a dreadful idea. But the reason people are really going after this thing on Twitter is its Kickstarter description, which is full of mind-boggling phrases like “1 5 minute consensus window” and “sexual desire spectrum.”

There’s also a huge focus on being able to push your button “anonymously” — as if your collaborator would not already be aware that you, in fact, are located within possession of your own button. This is all to say nothing of the fact that informing a large silver button of your horniness seems unbelievably misguided.

At the time of writing, the creators of LoveSync had raised $1,807 of their $7,500 purpose. We’ve reached out and will update if we hear back.

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