Did Marvel Just Save Comic-Con?

Whew! That was a long one. And also … a slow one? As with years prior, this year’s Comic-Con International was packed with movie report, TV casting proclamations, and lots of waiting in lines. But unlike years prior, its big-hearted splashings weren’t as splashy. Or at least that was the instance until Saturday night, when Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige took the stage and announced the studio’s Phase 4 slate, and delivered a lot of star power–Angelina Jolie! Natalie Portman! Tom Hiddleston !– with him.

It was the kind of thing tribes come to Comic-Con to see, and Marvel delivered. Did it save an otherwise lackluster convention? WIRED canvassed the team that covered the occurrence to hash out everything that happened in San Diego over the last few days.

Angela Watercutter, Senior Editor: I’ll admit I was fairly underwhelmed by Comic-Con this year. There were a few highlights–ScareDiego was fun–but this year truly absence the excite of years past. I was in Hall H for the large-hearted Marvel divulges, and they were great, but they also felt like not sufficient. Not that Marvel didn’t pull out every stop, but it felt as though Feige could’ve announced one movie and slip the show. Without presentations from Warner Bros. or Fox, the bigness of the demonstrate seemed lacking. Am I being too hard-boiled on this year’s con?

Adam Rogers, Deputy Editor: The absence of bigfoot titles and grand gestures was palpable, sure–we all talked about that one time when J.J. Abrams took Hall H to a John Williams concert. But I feel a little churlish complaining about that; old-time geeks like me cherish our right to complain that San Diego Comic-Con has get too big and it used to be about the comics, y’all. Maybe it’s not so much that it’s weird that giant studios aren’t expending zillions at SDCC, but that it was always weird when they did?

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