No one is happy about the Batwoman showbut theres more to it than sexism

The CW Network put out its first-look trailer for its upcoming depict Batwoman yesterday, and people are already mad about it, but for differing reasons.

The show accommodates the well-loved modern Batwoman/ Kate Kane, who was introduced in the comics in 2006, occupy Gotham’s need for a Bat-themed vigilante after the Infinite Crisis crossover event in 2005. Her character was announced with important facts about her identity–she’s Jewish and a lesbian. While there was some pushback at the time, she was also enjoyed by many.

Like all superheroes, Batwoman has insured her share of reboots and different developers, but if you judge based on the like to dislike ratio on YouTube, this new version has missed the mark.

The criticism ranges all the way from actual homophobic loathe to devotees who think this looks like a terrible adaptation of a persona they know and desire. ” Why? Why CW? Why you gotta do my daughter Kate like this ?” wrote one commenter on YouTube. Almost all of the negative notes, nonetheless, are focused on a particular aspect of the Batwoman trailer: It keeps reminding you that the primary persona are women, and not in a subtle way.

At one point Kate Kane, played by Ruby Rose, is looking at the Bat suit and a nerdy assistant-type says,” The suit is literal perfection .” Kane reacts,” It will be … where reference is shapes a woman .” Music kicks in and the singer exclaims” I’m a woman !”

Some women and non-binary people are rolling their eyes at its forced, rather generic nod to feminism. And, of course, some guys are just angry that a woman is the lead in any prove at all.

The CW/ YouTube Even from the perspective of someone who loves lesbian feminist Batwoman, the” I am wife” material feels hamfisted. It’s 2019; we have Wonder Woman, Black Widow, Supergirl, Jessica Jones, Spider-Gwen, Captain Marvel and more. Batwoman isn’t even the first lesbian superhero on the CW, there’s also Thunder in Black Lightning .

But there are plenty of people who are still excited for the appearance and the variety of the cast. While you wouldn’t be able to tell by the YouTube ratio, on Twitter devotees are gushing.

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