‘Seinfeld’ star Jason Alexander defends ‘Game of Thrones’ finale

“I know a little something about finales and frustrated fans.”
Image: Helen sloane/ hbo/ nBC

Game of Thrones is done and dusted, wrapping up its polarising eighth and final season with an evenly debated finale.

While many have criticised the final episode of the beloved HBO series, there are some who have jumped to defend it.

And if anyone knows a thing or two about polarising Tv series finales, it’s the Seinfeld cast.

Star of the legendary sitcom Jason Alexander, better known as your ol’ pal George “Can’t-Stand-Ya” Constanza, has offered up kind words for the Game of Thrones crew on Twitter.

“I know a little something about finales and frustrated followers, ” he wrote on Tuesday.

“My advice: live in joy that you are part of something that moves people so. You were all magnificent. My family and working I loved it all. Thanks.”

Alexander was quick to clarify his support for the Seinfeld finale, which is still being criticised to this day, even by the likes of Stephen Colbert as “disappointing.”

Even Seinfeld superstar Julia Louis-Dreyfus joked on the finale of The Late Show with David Letterman , “Thanks for letting me take part in another tremendously disillusioning serials finale.” Jerry Seinfeld rather enjoyed this .

“To be clear, I adored the Seinfeld finale, ” wrote Alexander. “I just preserve get crap about it from fans.”

So, did you enjoy the Game of Thrones finale? You didn’t? As Seinfeld developer Larry David said of the turd people dished on his show’s finale, “They’ve already written it, and often they’re disappointed, because it’s not what they wrote.”

One thing’s for sure, signing some petition isn’t the answer .

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